Silent Witness Season 18 Episodes

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Season 18 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Sniper's Nest: Part One

DCI Jane De Freitas's fallout with her boss is the least of her worries when three people are shot dead in a petrol station.


Episode 2 - Sniper's Nest: Part Two

The sniper plays a game of cat and mouse with police while Jack forms a friendship with the teenage son of one of the victims.


Episode 3 - Falling Angels: Part One

Nikki and Jack investigate a man killed by a tube train.


Episode 4 - Falling Angels: Part Two

Tension on the tube network threatens to boil over and security is stepped up.


Episode 5 - Protection: Part One

When a suspected paedophile is found murdered in a children's playground, Nikki and Jack are brought in.


Episode 6 - Protection: Part Two

Daniel Garvey is found dead in his car and Louise fears that he may have been killed by his sixteen year old stepson.


Episode 7 - Squaring the Circle: Part One

A shootout at a hotel leaves a young Ukrainian nanny dead along with an unknown hitman.


Episode 8 - Squaring the Circle: Part Two

A young woman working for the Doshi property moguls is found dead in Maksim Bazhanov's apartment.


Episode 9 - One of Our Own: Part One

Sergeant Sam Honeywell is found beaten and shot in his burnt-out car in Essex.


Episode 10 - One of Our Own: Part Two

Known Essex criminal Jason Simons is found murdered in a way that is perhaps too similar to Honeywell to be a coincidence.


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