Silent Witness Season 12 Episodes

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Season 12 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Safe: Part One

Leo is stopped for drink-driving and finds himself having to do community service in a rough part of South London.


Episode 2 - Safe: Part Two

Harry acts as mentor to a young medical student, Holly Farr, and is quickly charmed into involving her in his latest case.


Episode 3 - Death’s Door: Part One

Nikki is called upon to reconstruct a victim's face and discovers a connection with a dangerous Russian criminal.


Episode 4 - Death’s Door: Part Two

Harry tangles with a Russian oligarch over the murder of a journalist.


Episode 5 - Terror: Part One

The team investigates an armed raid on a suspected terrorist cell in which two terrorists and a police officer are killed.


Episode 6 - Terror: Part Two

Nikki visits Isra, the teenage sister of one of the suspects, and the only key eye witness.


Episode 7 - Judgement: Part One

When the badly decomposed body of a Hasidic man is discovered on disused wasteland, Harry is tasked to investigate his death and to treat the community with care.


Episode 8 - Judgement: Part Two

The death of a second Hasidic boy convinces Harry they are looking for a Jewish killer, but without concrete evidence he is reluctant to upset an already fragile community.


Episode 9 - The Lost Child: Part One

The team is called in when the half-naked body of a 12-year-old is discovered floating in a drainage ditch near his school.


Episode 10 - The Lost Child: Part Two

Nikki's loyalty towards her former mentor, Noel Hopkins, is tested when past allegations of sexual misconduct surfaces.


Episode 11 - Finding Rachel: Part One

When Rachel Harrington's bones are found in Zambia, her expat father asks the team to come out to investigate.


Episode 12 - Finding Rachel: Part Two

Nikki clashes with Zambian police as she makes further investigations into Rachel's disappearance.


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