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Season 19 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - After the Fall, Pt. 1

Nikki arrives at a murder scene to find it’s the carbon copy of a case in her past. She soon fears the killings are personal to her. But who will believe her and who can she trust?


Episode 2 - After the Fall, Pt. 2

Nikki becomes the prime suspect after a former colleague is murdered. Jack, Thomas and Clarissa fight to clear her name and find the real killer.


Episode 3 - Flight, Pt. 1

A young British Muslim returns secretly to the UK. Although initially suspected of drug smuggling, soon something much more sinister is feared.


Episode 4 - Flight, Pt. 2

Thomas must put his personal feelings aside as the team track down Begovic before she and her extremist compatriots strike out again.


Episode 5 - Life Licence, Pt. 1

An ex-convict is killed and suspicion lands on a recently released child killer. As other former long term prisoners out on a life licence come under scrutiny, the team learn how fragile their freedom is.


Episode 6 - Life Licence, Pt. 2

Further victims are killed and a distinctive, sadistic modus operandi begins to become clear. The team turns to forensic psychologist Sasha for advice on the killer.


Episode 7 - In Plain Sight, Pt. 1

The accidental fatal shooting of a Polish teenager in an armed police operation triggers a series of murders that link Turkish gangsters, a grieving family and a fractured firearms unit.


Episode 8 - In Plain Sight, Pt. 2

Jack leads the hunt for suspected killer Bruno, the brother of the Polish teenager shot by the armed police, and enters London’s small but devastating gun trade.


Episode 9 - River’s Edge, Pt. 1

A family murdered at a picnic leads the team to the female victim’s estranged husband. But all is not what it seems, and Nikki and Jack are thrown into mortal danger.


Episode 10 - River’s Edge, Pt. 2

Nikki and Jack are thrown into mortal danger as they uncover a high-powered world of sex and depravity. Meanwhile, Amy confronts her past.


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