Silent Witness Season 19 Episodes

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Season 19 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - After The Fall: Part One

The apparent suicide of a DJ leads Nikki to question her judgement on a strikingly similar case from her past.


Episode 2 - After The Fall: Part Two

Nikki is arrested after a senior pathologist that she previously came to blows with is murdered.


Episode 3 - Flight: Part One

The murder of a well-known anti-fundamentalist Muslim leads the Lyell team to question who would kill this peaceful but outspoken man.


Episode 4 - Flight: Part Two

The team races to stop Begovic before she strikes again but it becomes clear that she isn’t working alone.


Episode 5 - Life License: Part One

An ex-convict is killed and suspicion lands on a recently released child killer.


Episode 6 - Life License: Part Two

The team revisit a 15-year old case when they discover that Paul may have lied about his identity so far.


Episode 7 - In Plain Sight: Part One

The Firearms Division comes under fire when a Polish teenager is accidentally killed during an armed police operation.


Episode 8 - In Plain Sight: Part Two

The body of an armed officer is found and a manhunt begins for the suspected killer, Bruno.


Episode 9 - River’s Edge: Part One

A family is coldly murdered during a picnic by the River Malt.


Episode 10 - River’s Edge: Part Two

Amy’s past begins to catch up with her risking her medical career and everything else.


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