Silent Witness Season 20 Episodes

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Season 20 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Identity: Part One

Forensic crime drama series. When a people smuggler is found dead, Nikki delves into London's illegal immigrant community.


Episode 2 - Identity: Part Two

Forensic crime drama series. A horrific discovery pits Nikki and Jack against a killer preying on illegal immigrants.


Episode 3 - Discovery: Part One

Nikki and Jack encounter a media storm when a photogenic schoolteacher disappears. Thomas fights a crusade for justice when a troubled mother is found dead.


Episode 4 - Discovery: Part Two

Finding a link between their two cases, the team unites to work out how these disparate victims are connected. The answer lies in a 20-year-old unsolved murder.


Episode 5 - Remembrance: Part One

A woman's body found in the Thames leads Nikki and Jack to a riverside community scarred by grief after the disappearance of a teenage girl three years ago.


Episode 6 - Remembrance: Part Two

Nikki is blamed for leaking police information, while suspect Aaron goes to ground.


Episode 7 - Covenant: Part One

When Nikki and Jack investigate the killing of an East End father and son, Clarissa's husband Max is brought to the Lyell Centre to help crack the case.


Episode 8 - Covenant: Part Two

Nikki helps Becky come to terms with her trauma. Jack is paranoid that Clarissa will leave the Lyell Centre. Paul is in way over his head.


Episode 9 - Awakening: Part One

In Mexico for a funeral, Nikki makes a discovery that sets her on collision course with some dangerous and unpredictable forces. Arriving to help out, Jack is drawn into the fray.


Episode 10 - Awakening: Part Two

With Nikki locked in a struggle for survival, Jack must use all of his abilities to track her down. And with life and death in the balance, every decision counts.


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