Silent Witness Season 11 Episodes

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Season 11 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Apocalypse: Part One

When an RAF helicopter crashes onto a detention centre for asylum seekers, Harry and Nikki are first on the scene.


Episode 2 - Apocalypse: Part Two

Obsessed with proving the pilot’s innocence, Harry suspects the MOD may be covering up the true cause of the helicopter crash.


Episode 3 - Suffer The Children: Part One

The discovery of a mutilated child’s body in a river raises the question of ritual killing and brings Leo face to face with a ghost from his past.


Episode 4 - Suffer The Children: Part Two

Leo refuses to back down in his search for the killers of the young boy despite threats and increasing racial tension.


Episode 5 - Hippocratic Oath: Part One

A post mortem on a child who died during surgery prompts Nikki to investigate a leading paediatrician with an unusually high mortality rate.


Episode 6 - Hippocratic Oath: Part Two

With Nikki out of action and a theatre nurse missing, Harry and Leo dig deeper into the hospital deaths.


Episode 7 - Double Dare: Part One

Nikki is forced to revisit an emotive and controversial case from her past when a notorious female murderer is murdered.


Episode 8 - Double Dare: Part Two

Nikki’s professional reputation is at stake as doubts about the Paula Colebrook case continue.


Episode 9 - Peripheral Vision: Part One

Nikki clashes with DCI Mays over the guilt of a gypsy he suspects of a double murder while Harry takes on an insurance company.


Episode 10 - Peripheral Vision: Part Two

Nikki and Mays can’t agree while the investigation exposes a significant police cover up.


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