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Episode 1 - Apocalypse, Pt. 1

Harry and Nikki spend a day visiting an air show in which an old school friend of Harry's is flying, but after a fun day together, they see a military helicopter crash into a crowded detention centre for failed asylum seekers. The Ministry of Defence are called in but Harry has a personal interest in the case.


Episode 2 - Apocalypse, Pt. 2

Nikki is worried that Harry's bid to clear his friend's name might become an obsession. Still haunted by the crash and its immediate aftermath, Harry attends the Royal Air Force Board of Enquiry where he is unimpressed with their reluctance to answer his questions.


Episode 3 - Suffer the Children, Pt. 1

When a mutilated child's body is found in the river, questions are raised as to whether the child was murdered in a ritual killing. Meanwhile, Nikki investigates the suspicious deaths of a priest from a local Catholic boys' school, and a man found dead in his swimming pool.


Episode 4 - Suffer the Children, Pt. 2

When the body of another man is found with connections to the same Catholic boys' school where a priest died, Nikki starts piecing together a theory. Meanwhile, Leo faces hostility at a community meeting when he is attacked for racial bias over the ritual killing case.


Episode 5 - Hippocratic Oath, Pt. 1

Leo and Nikki undertake a post mortem on a child who died in surgery prompting Nikki to investigate a leading paediatrician, while a car crash involving a truck and a funeral procession takes a bizarre turn when two bodies fall out of the coffin.


Episode 6 - Hippocratic Oath, Pt. 2

Nikki suffers amnesia after being attacked in the hospital basement, so it is down to Harry to work out why she was there. It soons transpires that there were two operations on the child that died, the second to deal with complications following the first.


Episode 7 - Double Dare, Pt. 1

When Nikki attends a car crash she is horrified to learn that she knew the victim, a woman convicted for four years for her part in a murder - on Nikki's evidence. She allegedly goaded her boyfriend into committing the crime, but now the debate over the original finding is raised again, very publicly.


Episode 8 - Double Dare, Pt. 2

Nikki's professional reputation is at stake as the investigation into the death of Anna Holland continues. Nikki is forced to concede that her findings were ambiguous, and there is a chance that Anna Holland was, indeed, guilty of murder.


Episode 9 - Peripheral Vision, Pt. 1

When fragments of skeleton are found, it seems clear that it is that of a girl who went missing two years before - until Nikki establishes that the bones actually belong to two people. Meanwhile, when a woman dies from a fall, the life assurance company refuses to pay out, claiming she was drunk.


Episode 10 - Peripheral Vision, Pt. 2

A picture of the lives of the two girls' whose bodies were found together emerges. While DI Philip Mays is convinced it was a suicide pact, Nikki believes she knows who was really responsible for the girl's deaths. Unable to speak to the police, she seeks out the one man she thinks she can trust.


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