Silent Witness Season 15 Episodes

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Season 15 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Death Has No Dominion: Part One

When Leo's friend commits suicide, Harry and Nikki are called to the scene of a violent and calculated murder.


Episode 2 - Death Has No Dominion: Part Two

Harry and DI James deviate from the original investigation to secretly test DNA evidence.


Episode 3 - Domestic: Part One

Leo battles with the authorities at the notorious Redhill prison to seek justice for the murder of an ex-prison inspector.


Episode 4 - Domestic: Part Two

While Harry and Nicky investigate DI Bridges, Leo puts himself in danger when he follows a violent prison officer.


Episode 5 - Paradise Lost: Part One

Nikki is approached to help identify the paltry remains of a serial killer's undiscovered victims.


Episode 6 - Paradise Lost: Part Two

Nikki is forced to confront manipulative serial killer Arnold Mears face to face in order to save Annie.


Episode 7 - Redhill: Part One

Inspector Bridges begins to believe that Rachel's husband killed his wife and her suspected lover.


Episode 8 - Redhill: Part Two

Nikki persuades Bridges to confess that she covered for Kessler in the past.


Episode 9 - Fear: Part One

Leo is determined to uncover the truth surrounding the death of a young girl who was being treated by his college friend.


Episode 10 - Fear: Part Two

Nikki and Harry track down the Catholic nun behind the exorcism, only to find that John now believes he's possessed.


Episode 11 - And Then I Fell In Love: Part One

Nikki stumbles across a sinister underworld where teenage girls are groomed for sex and forced into prostitution.


Episode 12 - And Then I Fell In Love: Part Two

Harry and Nikki make a crucial connection between the dead girls and sex-grooming, but is it too late for Hannah and Lauren?


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