Silent Witness Season 10 Episodes

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Cargo: Part One

When four bodies are found in the Thames after a boat packed with illegal immigrants crashes, the team realises that it is dealing with a people-trafficking operation gone wrong.


Episode 2 - Cargo: Part Two

The team must now find any remaining survivors from the wreck of the boat carrying illegal immigrants before a highly contagious disease breaks out into the community.


Episode 3 - Terminus: Part One

Harry is joined by Sergeant Susan Fenn to investigate a hit-and-run incident on a run-down council estate.


Episode 4 - Terminus: Part Two

The pathologists investigate the death of a man found on a night bus, an office prank gone wrong, and a professional footballer's suicide.


Episode 5 - Body Of Work: Part One

Harry's ex-girlfriend, Penny Harris, is found dead after an unusual car accident.


Episode 6 - Body Of Work: Part Two

Leo finds more inconsistencies in Jimmy Triangle's death and Harry forces Nikki to re-examine his ex-girlfriend's body.


Episode 7 - Supernova: Part One

Memories of his own daughter's death are stirred up when Leo is called in to investigate the apparent suicide of a 14 year old.


Episode 8 - Supernova: Part Two

Leo races to find a connection between the apparently motiveless murders as a third killing takes place at a school.


Episode 9 - Schism: Part One

Harry and Nikki are called out to a London dogs' home where the naked body of a teenage girl has been found tortured to death.


Episode 10 - Schism: Part Two

Harry finds himself in the middle of a high-level, dangerous cover-up and Lionel's hearing continues.


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