Silent Witness Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Blood, Sweat and Tears Part 1

When a young, highly successful boxer is killed in the ring, Dr Sam Ryan investigates whether his death was caused by more than just the fight.


Episode 2 - Blood, Sweat and Tears Part 2

Sam quickly realises that Terri’s death could not have been suicide but still has to prove it. At the gym everything is in turmoil until Keith Jones comes to the rescue.


Episode 3 - Cease Upon The Midnight Part 1

Mark Tate realises that he is now entering the final stages of AIDS. Stuart Evans throws a party to celebrate his 40th birthday. The following morning he lies dead.


Episode 4 - Cease Upon The Midnight Part 2

The hunt is on for Craig Tate who was at Evans’ party. In his flat, the police have found a framed picture of Mark smashed to pieces and covered in blood.


Episode 5 - Only The Lonely Part 1

A young woman’s pace quickens as she thinks she hears someone behind her. Ross is working late because Sam has again cancelled at the last minute.


Episode 6 - Only The Lonely Part 2

The police are still convinced that Matthews is responsible for his wife’s death but eight years before, a man was killed the same way. Ross asks Sam to compare the cases.


Episode 7 - Friends Like These Part 1

Chris Palmer spends each day drinking beer while he and his dog watch the world go by. Restless teenagers show off to each other about schemes to take over the streets.


Episode 8 - Friends Like These Part 2

A local shop owner has brought forward a videotape showing Palmer selling the missing watch. Sam is forced to put her job on the line to prove that this crime was committed by 15-year-old boys.


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