Silent Witness Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - An Academic Exercise Part 1

A friend of Sam's and a senior lecturer at a Cambridge college is found murdered. New detectives DI Connor and DS Bradley suspect Annabelle’s husband.


Episode 2 - An Academic Exercise Part 2

A student is murdered and the police suspect it is the same person who killed the lecturer. Sam is too close to the case and her emotions cloud her judgement.


Episode 3 - Fallen Idol Part 1

Gemma Boyd is found dead in an empty house where mysterious phone calls are logged. As they investigate, dark truths about the family are brought to light.


Episode 4 - Fallen Idol Part 2

When Suzy Franklin’s first husband turns up after being released from prison, she greets him with a knife. Kate remains isolated and desperate for her father’s love.


Episode 5 - Divided Loyalties Part 1

A drug war leads Sam into the murky world of dealers, undercover detectives and police corruption. Two weeks later, an explosion kills a local drug dealer.


Episode 6 - Divided Loyalties Part 2

After Fox is beaten up, he believes his attackers are police officers. When a second drug dealer is murdered, the police consider it the work of vigilantes.


Episode 7 - Brothers in Arms Part 1

A farming accident leads Sam to investigate the army cover-up of a murder in Northern Ireland in 1985. When local farmer Phil Nelson dies after a fall, Sam Ryan thinks the death is accidental.


Episode 8 - Brothers in Arms Part 2

Sam emotionally entangled with DI Michael Connor but continues her investigations into two suspicious deaths. The arrival of Helen shows she is more about her work.


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