Silent Witness Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Gone Tomorrow Part 1

Sam is now teaching at London University but is called in by Inspector Peterson to help investigate the ditching of a helicopter. Wife of the captain accuses the chief executive


Episode 2 - Gone Tomorrow Part 2

Sam's skills are required when 10 bodies are recovered from the North Sea. The discovery that a new rotor bolt was fitted to the helicopter raises more questions.


Episode 3 - A Kind of Justice Part 1

Sam Ryan takes on a gangland murder case to help whom she believes to be innocent. Mike Georghiou has been found dead and his brother thinks that McNally is responsible.


Episode 4 - A Kind of Justice Part 2

While Sam continues her investigation, she is confused by DI Lightfoot's insistence that McNally's death was suicide. McNally's daughter is convinced that her father would never kill himself.


Episode 5 - A Good Body Part 1

When a dozen people die in a cinema fire, Connor is in charge of the investigation. Sam Ryan is coming back to London.


Episode 6 - A Good Body Part 2

Having learned that a criminal may have been wrongly convicted for murder, Sam and DCI Connor are eager to get at the truth – Sam more than Connor. .


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