Silent Witness Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Fallout, Part 1

Sam Ryan and her new team investigate a terrible traffic accident.


Episode 2 - Fallout, Part 2

The team's investigations bring them in to conflict with the police force.


Episode 3 - Kith and Kill, Part 1

A businessman and his family are attacked in their home.


Episode 4 - Kith and Kill, Part 2

More deaths change the course of the investigation into the Irons family murders.


Episode 5 - Tell no Tales, Part 1

A man's decayed body is found hidden in the walls of a derelict factory building.


Episode 6 - Tell no Tales, Part 2

The death of a student at the university complicates the case.


Episode 7 - Closed Ranks, Part 1

A murdered probation officer is found in a landfill.


Episode 8 - Closed Ranks, Part 2

A friend from the college pressures Sam to put loyalty above the truth.


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