Silent Witness Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Answering Fire, Part 1

Sam is called after a suspected terrorist attack causes a fire at a hotel.


Episode 2 - Answering Fire, Part 2

Sam is undermined by the findings of an independent pathologist.


Episode 3 - Fatal Error, Part 1

Sam comes under scrutiny at an inquiry into prison deaths and an old case resurfaces.


Episode 4 - Fatal Error, Part 2

Sam uncovers a crippling truth about her involvement in the old case she revisits.


Episode 5 - Running on Empty, Part 1

The body of a young pregnant sports agent is found in the grounds of her office building.


Episode 6 - Running on Empty, Part 2

Following her discovery of the second body, Sam is sidelined from the investigation.


Episode 7 - Beyond Guilty, Part 1

The Home Office ask Sam and her team to examine the work of an independent pathologist.


Episode 8 - Beyond Guilty, Part 2

Leo and Harry follow up their leads to discover an alarming truth.


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