Silent Witness Season 8 Episodes

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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Time to Heal, Part 1

Sam Ryan embarks on a journey home to Northern Ireland after the discovery of two bodies.


Episode 2 - Time to Heal, Part 2

The investigation leads Sam towards a member of her own family.


Episode 3 - Death by Water, Part 1

Harry and Leo clash during an investigation on the English coast.


Episode 4 - Death by Water, Part 2

Leo hunts for the source of the children's symptoms before any more fatalities occur.


Episode 5 - Nowhere Fast, Part 1

A jockey is crushed by his mount in what seems to be an accident.


Episode 6 - Nowhere Fast, Part 2

Nikki, Leo and Harry uncover evidence pointing towards a syndicate member.


Episode 7 - Body 21, Part 1

The team uncover a web of lies when they investigate a train crash.


Episode 8 - Body 21, Part 2

Body 21 reveals more secrets about the cause of the crash to the team.


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