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Sister Wives Season 10 Episodes

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Catfishing Fallout

The Sister Wives are reeling from Meri's recent admission that she became involved with someone online who she thought was a man, but turned out to be a woman.


Episode 2 - Pawn Shops and Polygamy Perks

In this one-hour special, Sister Wives Tell-All RAW, we throw open the vaults, bringing fans what they haven't seen. For the first time ever, we'll take a look back over the years we've gotten to know America's most famous polygamist family.


Episode 3 - Confessions

Meri is not at all over the trauma of the recent catfishing incident and yet decides to attempt a therapy session with Janelle, hoping to work through conflicts from long ago. Janelle is very nervous that the therapy might open up old wounds.


Episode 4 - Thanksgiving: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Meri and Janelle, fresh out of their first therapy session together, attempt another step forward in their effort to get along better by decorating for the big Thanksgiving family dinner together. But their first planning session starts off rocky.


Episode 5 - Unforgiven

Meri hopes a gift for Kody will help make amends after the catfishing incident. Madison goes wedding dress shopping and finds the one. Mariah distances herself from Meri and the polygamist church.


Episode 6 - Baby Sister Is Born!

Robyn's baby is due NOW, and she's worried about the possibility of a breached birth. She and Kody go for one more ultrasound to check on Baby Sister- meanwhile one of the oldest daughters, Madison, goes to be fitted for her wedding gown.


Episode 7 - Meri Makes Amends

The whole Brown family is preparing for an epic trip to Hawaii, but Robyn is nervous about travelling with her newborn, Ariella. Meanwhile Meri and Janelle continue their therapy.


Episode 8 - Kody: Behind the Scenes

It's usually all about the Sister Wives, but this week all four wives turn their focus on Kody and reveal some of his biggest secrets. They open up about why he became a polygamist and what he was thinking when he agreed to go public with his illegal life.


Episode 9 - Hawaiian Vacation Erupts

This is not the idyllic Hawaiian vacation the Browns were expecting. They fight about parking cars, then beach umbrella placement turns into another battle. Later Kody takes Meri aside to take a step towards improving their struggling relationship.


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