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Sister Wives Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Meri Drops a Bomb

The Browns have a meeting with a potential investor for their jewelry line. Christine’s daughter Mykelti brings a boyfriend home. Lastly, Meri drops a bombshell that threatens her close relationship with one sister wife.


Episode 2 - Polygamists in a Shark Tank

The Browns' jewelry business is beginning to overwhelm the wives, and they make a presentation to try and secure investors. Also, Robyn wants to have time for another baby and Meri wants to go back to school.


Episode 3 - The Big Decision

As they attempt to secure investors for their business, a wife’s mistake may have cost them the deal. Later, Meri heads to Utah and catches up with a childhood friend, and Janelle continues her weight loss journey.


Episode 4 - Vegas Surprise

A Vegas-themed, surprise party is planned for Kody to thank him for all he's done for the family. During the planning, each person shares how the family has grown, and keeping the big surprise from being spoiled is a challenge.


Episode 5 - Growing Up Polygamist

The Brown teens reveal how they deal with dating, college and the uncertainties of their future as potential polygamists. Meanwhile, Janelle has a battle of her own when she hits a plateau on her weight loss journey.


Episode 6 - Four Wives in Two RVs

The Browns hit the road for a Spring Break trip along historic Route 66 and meet up with a non-Mormon polygamist family in Missouri. Fond memories are made along the way, but close RV quarters may lead to flaring tempers.


Episode 7 - From Monogamy to Polygamy

The Browns reach the last stop on their road trip and meet a Christian polygamist family, the Richards. Religion isn't the only difference between them, however, as the Richards operate on rigidity and discipline.


Episode 8 - Every Brown Revealed

Kody, with his wives and children, compile photos and videos that offer a new understanding of the family. Insightful details and shocking secrets emerge to give an even deeper look into what makes this family so extraordinary.


Episode 9 - Tell All

No topic is off limits as Kody and his wives tackle all of the tough and uncomfortable questions about the season. The older kids enter the mix to reveal a new interest in Logan's life.


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