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Sister Wives Season 12 Episodes

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Season 12 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Meri Moving?

Mykelti brings Tony's family home to meet her parents, but there's one small problem...they don't speak English! Then, Meri and Christine's mom Annie go to Utah for a potential business opportunity.


Episode 4 - Meri's Crazy Idea

Meri has big news about the bed and breakfast she wants to buy, but it's definitely not what the Browns were expecting. Then, Mykelti's wedding rehearsal doesn't go quite as smoothly as planned.


Episode 5 - PolygaMexicamist Wedding

Mykelti's polygamist family ties the knot with Tony's Mexican Catholic family through a one-of-a-kind winter wedding! It's freezing cold. Christine forgets to bring Kody's shirts. And they even beat bride and groom piñatas!


Episode 6 - Meeting Mariah's Girlfriend

Mariah and her girlfriend are going to the March for Women in Washington, DC. She invites Meri and Janelle to go, too, but Kody doesn't like the idea.


Episode 7 - Risking Arrest

The Browns are distraught that the Utah legislature is voting to strengthen the laws against polygamy. Friends are planning a protest march, but if the Browns go back to Utah they could be arrested.


Episode 8 - The Truth Comes Out

Janelle's house is all joy as Maddie has her baby shower. But Christine is devastated when Ysabel's x-rays show that her scoliosis is worsening and surgery is imminent. In desperation they turn to unproven alternative treatments.


Episode 9 - The Longest Labor

Meri takes Kody to check out the B&B she wants to buy, and Janelle's daughter, Maddie, goes into labor. She's doing a home birth with no epidural and it's a long and painful birth.


Episode 10 - Confronting Meri

Tensions emerge as Meri finds out that all the wives were at the birth of the grandchild, except her. Intense therapy sessions fail to resolve the hurt, so Christine confronts Meri with some brutal truths.


Episode 11 - Game Night!

It's game night at the Browns and it's about to get a little crazy. The family gets competitive as Mykelti and Gwendlyn host Sister Wives trivia. There's punishments for the losers, so the stakes are high!


Episode 12 - Tell All: Part 1

In part one of Sister Wives Tell All, nothing is off limits as the Browns discuss this season's jaw-dropping moments. Has Meri's dream of buying a B&B driven the family even further apart? With Utah's tough new polygamy law, can the Browns ever go home?


Episode 13 - Tell All: Part 2

In the dramatic conclusion of Sister Wives Tell All, Paedon reveals why he refused to join the rest of the family to protest Utah's new polygamy law, and the adults discuss how Kody and Meri's marriage is affecting the family.


Episode 14 - Polygamy 101

The Sister Wives still get asked a ton of questions about polygamy. How do they feel about their kids not wanting to be polygamists? Do some polygamists sleep in the same bed? Their answers are funny, emotional and often shocking.


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