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Sister Wives Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Secret Marriage

Now that Meri has legally divorced Kody, the next step is supposed to be simple: Kody legally marries Robyn. But when is a marriage ever simple? And these are polygamists, so do the other wives come? The children?


Episode 3 - Wrestling with Adoption

Meri is emotional as she tries to tell the kids about the marriage license shift to Robyn. But the next step is really the most important: Kody wants to adopt Robyn's kids from her first marriage. The big question now is how does Robyn's ex feel about it?


Episode 4 - All About Janelle

Janelle is the only of Kody's wives who did not grow up in a polygamist church and we'll learn new details about how she was introduced to polygamy. She talks about her feelings at gaining a new Sister and where she's at in her struggle to lose weight.


Episode 5 - Marriage Counseling Texas Style

Christine and Kody turn an anniversary trip to Galveston, Texas, into intensive couples therapy in an effort to improve their relationship. Before they leave, the Brown family meets with their lawyer to start the process of adopting Robyn's kids.


Episode 6 - All About Christine

This one's all about Christine! She reveals the things she never wanted to talk about at all and what she was really thinking during the most memorable moments of the past five years.


Episode 7 - Just Trying to Stay Afloat

The Sister Wives decide to race in a cardboard boat regatta at an annual pirate festival in Las Vegas. Janelle's family will build one cardboard boat, and Christine and Robyn's families will build another.


Episode 8 - More Girls Than Kody Can Handle?

Kody admits that he relates better to his boys than his young girls. He does want to improve this though, so he decides to take five of the youngest girls off his wives hands for a few days.


Episode 9 - Robyn's Big Announcement

This is a big week! The adoption of Robyn's kids is coming to a head as the Browns sign official paperwork with their lawyer. Only one thing stands in their way now... a judge.


Episode 10 - A Judge Decides

Today is the day the Brown's have been working towards this entire year. Finally, this is the court hearing where Kody will learn if he can adopt Robyn's oldest three kids. And Janelle's oldest daughter, Madison, has a stunning announcement for the family


Episode 11 - Chaos in the Cul-de-Sac

The Browns set out to celebrate the judge's decision to allow Kody to adopt Robyn's first three kids. What starts as a simple party for family and friends turns into a huge event for 60 people.This is the famous "Brown chaos" at its worst...and best.


Episode 12 - A Boy or a Girl?

The Browns are taking the biggest journey of their lives. They are all going to Alaska and they are bringing Logan's new girlfriend too. And Kody and Robyn reveal the sex of their new baby to the family!


Episode 13 - Meri Catfished

The Browns are in Alaska dog sledding and deep sea fishing. And in one of the most stunning and emotional twists ever on Sister Wives, Meri admits to her family that she's been involved with a man online, but this person is not who she thought he was.


Episode 14 - Tell All

After a season of change, conflict, and stunning confessions, the Brown family comes together to set the record straight. From Robyn's pregnancy to Meri's catfishing bombshell, nothing is off limits in the most revealing Sisterwives tell-all yet.


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