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Sister Wives Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Announcement

A nervous Robyn finally announces her new pregnancy to the family. How will everyone react to her big news? Meanwhile, the older teens' discontent over their new life starts to bubble to the surface.


Episode 2 - Teen Sex Talk

Kody, Christine and Janelle experiment with working in real estate. Meanwhile, the teens are going out with new friends in Las Vegas -- and the conversation turns towards dating. Finally, Robyn and Kody receive a scare.


Episode 3 - 4 Houses, 4 Relationships

After finding out Robyn's been spotting, she and Kody rush to see their midwife to find out what's wrong. Will their worst nightmare come be a reality? Later, the wives are on a mission to make over one room in each house.


Episode 4 - The 4 Lives of Kody Brown

Kody is followed through four days of his astonishing life, moving each day to the house of a different wife. He reveals how his family and relationships has changed since the move. Plus, the sex of Robyn's baby is revealed.


Episode 5 - Defending Polygamy

Kody and his wives finally return to his hometown for the first time as open polygamists. How will his childhood friends receive him? Later, after revealing the sex of the baby, Robyn and Kody finally decide to announce the name.


Episode 6 - The Wives Diet Woes

The sisters open up about an issue that has bothered all of them -- their weight! They speak candidly about their battle with the bulge and attempts to the shed pounds as they they make their way to a gym for a body fat analysis.


Episode 7 - July 4th Rebellion

Christine's daughter, Ysabel, and Robyn's daughter, Breanna, are moving out -- to Meri's house. But will Meri be in over her head? Then, the Browns are off for some camping fun, but the teens have different ideas.


Episode 8 - Another Wife

When another couple from the Browns' church in Utah comes to visit, the conversation turns to polygamy. How will the Browns respond to questions surrounding courting another wife and dealing with jealousy?


Episode 9 - College-Bound Browns

The Browns nervously accept an invitation from a religious professor to talk to her students in Boston, and they are anxious about the question they will face. Meanwhile, the older teens visit some of Boston's best colleges


Episode 10 - Sister Wives on the Strip

The Sister Wives get makeovers and head to the strip for a night on the town while Kody stays home to babysit all the kids. How will they react when they come face to face with all the "adult" entertainment Vegas has to offer?


Episode 11 - Kody Climbs Into the Ring

Kody heads for the Vegas strip for a guy's night out, testing his wrestling skills against a mixed martial arts fighter and answering his friends' questions about his lifestyle. Meanwhile, the wives help setup Robyn's new nursery.


Episode 12 - Sisters' Special Delivery

The family is buzzing with excitement as Robyn's first contractions finally kick in. But not everyone is happy about it. The emotion builds as each of the Browns face their true feelings about Robyn's family becoming their own.


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