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Sister Wives Season 16 Episodes

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Season 16 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - There's No Me in Polygamy

After rejecting Christine's idea of moving back to Utah, Kody checks in with Janelle and Robyn. Then, Kody says he now wants his own lot on the property, and the family discusses the possibility of spending the holidays apart.


Episode 2 - Four Wives, Three Fires

Janelle's kids have strong opinions about Kody's COVID rules, and Kody makes a surprise visit to Meri's. Then, Kody organizes an outdoor get-together for the whole family -- their first time seeing each other in months.


Episode 3 - Not Social but Very Distant

The wives come to a major decision about the property lots. Christine is leaving to take Ysabel to New Jersey for surgery, but Kody's refusal to go leaves Christine angry. Then, a member of the family has a big announcement.


Episode 4 - Cistern Wives

Meri and Janelle talk through old wounds after the family spins off in four directions: Christine takes Ysabel to have surgery in New Jersey, Janelle helps out while Evie gets foot surgery in North Carolina, Meri is in Utah, and Kody and Robyn stay home.


Episode 5 - Sad Sorry Lonely Little People

Christine and Kody's daughter Ysabel has surgery in New Jersey to correct her scoliosis. The recovery is far more intense than anyone expected, and Kody's absence upsets Christine.


Episode 6 - No Head Wife

Christine questions why a nanny is allowed around Robyn's kids when her family is not, so Kody produces a long list of COVID rules that the nanny follows. Janelle thinks some of it is ridiculous, but the wives wonder why they didn't get this list sooner.


Episode 7 - Choosing Kids Over Kody

Janelle's kids blow up and call Kody's COVID rules "stupid." Later, at a family meeting to plan the holidays, Kody tries to persuade some of his wives to stay in town and follow his rules. Janelle walks out on him, angry and cursing.


Episode 8 - Two Cliques

The Brown family is more divided than ever. Christine and Janelle are each forced to choose between seeing Kody or seeing their older children. Robyn and Meri are following his COVID rules, so they can have Thanksgiving with Kody.


Episode 9 - The Teflon Queen

Kody faces off with his sons Gabe and Garrison, and they trade blame over COVID restrictions. Then, Janelle suffers a huge loss as Christmas is approaching. The family hopes they will all test negative and finally be together.


Episode 10 - The Beginning of the End

After a family gathering, the Brown family has their first COVID exposure. A conversation with Kody is the last straw for Christine, and when he returns to her house, he finds his belongings boxed in the garage.


Episode 11 - One on One: Part 1

The Browns sit down individually to talk about their most contentious season yet. Kody, Christine and Meri answer burning questions about the current state of their relationships, and the rest of the family discusses the challenges brought on by COVID.


Episode 12 - One on One: Part 2

The Brown family continues to speak one-on-one with host Sukanya Krishnan about the highs and lows of last year. Christine discusses being a basement wife, while Robyn reveals her struggle for acceptance within the family.


Episode 13 - One on One: Part 3

In this final episode of one-on-one interviews, Kody and Christine share shocking news that will change the family dynamic forever as the other wives weigh in on how it affects their future.


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