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South Park Season 22 Episodes

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Season 22 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Dead Kids

Sharon is abnormally emotional and it's really getting Randy down.


Episode 2 - A Boy and a Priest

The town finds the church doors locked and there's no sign of Butters or the Pastor.


Episode 3 - The Problem with a Poo

Mr. Hankey's offensive behavior puts him in jeopardy of being fired as the Director of the Annual Christmas Pageant.


Episode 4 - Tegridy Farms

Randy moves the family to the country and he takes up farming.


Episode 5 - The Scoots

The kids plan to use the latest revolution in mobility to get more candy on Halloween than they have ever gotten before.


Episode 6 - Time to Get Cereal

South Park Citizens are in danger and the boys realize that only Al Gore can help.


Episode 7 - Nobody Got Cereal?

The boys break out of jail and are on the run from the police and ManBearPig.


Episode 8 - Buddha Box

Cartman has been diagnosed with anxiety.


Episode 9 - Unfulfilled

South Park is chosen to be the home for Amazon's newest Fulfillment Center.


Episode 10 - Bike Parade

The boys' chance of winning the Bike Parade is in jeopardy when Kenny quits.


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