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Episode 2 - Cripple Fight!

Big Gay Al returns to South Park as the new scout leader. When he is fired for being gay, the boys rally to his defense with the help of the new "handi-capable" kid, Jimmy.


Episode 4 - Terrance & Phillip: Behind the Blow

When the boys discover Terrance and Philip have called it quits, they'll go to any lengths to reunite the duo and recruit them for South Park's Earth Day festivities.


Episode 5 - Cartmanland

Cartman inherits a million dollars from his grandmother and fulfills his lifelong dream of owning his own amusement park: Cartmanland!


Episode 6 - Proper Condom Use

In a time-honored tradition and right-of-passage, the boys are separated from the girls and schooled in the mysteries of sex by none other than Mr. Mackey.


Episode 7 - Towelie

When the government steals their new Gamesphere, the boys will stop at nothing to get it back.


Episode 8 - Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants

The kids of South Park have raised money to send to the children of Afghanistan, but the Government believes the Afghani children's thank you gift is contaminated with Anthrax and the boys are forced to take it back to Afghanistan.


Episode 9 - How to Eat with Your Butt

Cartman gets Kenny's school picture on every "missing child" milk carton in the country.


Episode 10 - The Entity

Mr. Garrison gets fed up with long lines, delayed flights and the airline industry in general and invents his own transportation device.


Episode 11 - Here Comes the Neighborhood

Token is tired of being the only rich kid in town, and succeeds in attracting several other wealthy families to South Park.


Episode 12 - Kenny Dies

In a very special episode of "South Park," Cartman fights for Kenny's life when he speaks before Congress in favor of stem-cell research.


Episode 13 - Butters' Very Own Episode

Alone and lost, Butters determinedly makes his way through porn theatres and gay bathhouses in an effort to get his dad back home in time to eat at Bennigan's for his parents' anniversary.


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