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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Choir Tour

The boys are sent to the Costa Rican rainforest as a part of the Getting Gay with Kids choir tour.


Episode 2 - Spontaneous Combustion

Citizens of South Park start exploding at random, and Cartman gets crucified.


Episode 3 - Succubus

Chef finds the girl of his dreams, but the boys feel like they’ve lost their best friend.


Episode 4 - Jakovasaurs

The boys discover two living prehistoric incredibly annoying Jakovasaurs at Stark's Pond.


Episode 6 - Sexual Harassment Panda

Cartman sues Stan for sexual harassment.


Episode 7 - Cat Orgy

While Shelly's babysitting Eric, a wild and unsupervised kitty party breaks out at the Cartman home.


Episode 8 - Two Guys Naked In a Hot Tub

Stan must save Mr. Mackey's meteor shower party from the ATF, while the South Park dads experiment in the hot tub.


Episode 9 - Jewbilee

While the rest of South Park awaits the meteor shower, Kyle, Kenny and Ike head into the wilderness on a Jewbilee.


Episode 10 - Chinpokomon

South Park kids go crazy for Chinpokomon and suddenly find themselves fixated on Peal Harbor.


Episode 11 - Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery (Halloween)

Korn helps the boys defeat Pirate Ghosts and mean fifth graders in this haunting Halloween episode.


Episode 12 - Hooked On Monkey Fonics

The boys compete against some home schooled kids in South Park's annual spelling bee.


Episode 13 - Starvin' Marvin In Space

When Starvin' Marvin returns to South Park, the boys join him on a food gathering mission, pursued by the CIA, the Feed the Children Foundation and Sally Struthers.


Episode 14 - The Red Badge of Gayness

South Park's Civil War Reenactment, sponsored by "Jagerminz S'more Flavored Schnapps," gets out of hand.


Episode 15 - Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics

Classic hits from " Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" album - featuring the boys and all of South Park's most joyful citizens.


Episode 17 - The Brown Noise

The boys go to Arkansas for the "4 Million-Child Blow 2000!", the first worldwide recorder concert.


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