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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 2 - The Tooth Fairy’s Tats 2000

Cartman masterminds a Tooth Fairy scam by appropriating teeth from less fortunate children.


Episode 3 - Quintuplets 2000

When a family of quintuplets takes up residence in South Park, the ensuing media circus fame drives Kenny’s mom to plan a multiple birth of her own.


Episode 4 - Timmy 2000

Timmy parlays his ADD handicap into a heavy metal rock band gig; meanwhile, the boys try to contract ADD, too, so they can get out of class.


Episode 6 - Cartman Joins NAMBLA

Cartman's newfound maturity forces him to seek out more mature friends on-line; meanwhile, Kenny actively tries to prevent his parent’s from having another welfare baby.


Episode 7 - Cherokee Hair Tampons

Cartman holds Kyle's life in his kidneys and sets the price at a modest $1 million.


Episode 8 - Chef Goes Nanners

Chef’s passionate protest against the South Park Flag enflames the town; meanwhile, Wendy finds herself strangely attracted to Cartman.


Episode 9 - Things You Can Do With Your Finger

Everyone in town is lining up to audition for a chance to be the 5th member in Cartman's new boy band.


Episode 10 - Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?

While the boys race to make their first Confession and Holy Communion, Saddam Hussein returns to the underworld to rekindle his relationship with his former lover, Satan, the prince of darkness.


Episode 11 - Probably

Satan is torn between two lovers: his new boyfriend, Chris, and his ex, Saddam Hussein; meanwhile, Cartman becomes an evangelist as he and the boys try to assure their places in heaven.


Episode 12 - Fourth Grade

Fearing their new 4th grade teacher, the kids build a time machine out of Timmy’s wheelchair to travel back to a happier, easier school year.


Episode 13 - Trapper Keeper

Cartman holds the key to saving the world from an omnipotent super being that springs to life in the school yard.


Episode 14 - Helen Keller the Musical

The citizens of South Park celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving in their own unique way with music and shenanigans.


Episode 15 - Fat Camp

Cartman’s family and friends hold an intervention to send him to Fat Camp, and Kenny gets reborn on TV.


Episode 16 - Wacky Molestation Adventure

When Kyle’s parents forbid him to see his favorite rock band in concert, Kyle accuses them of an unspeakable indiscretion and has them sent to the big house.


Episode 17 - A Very Crappy Christmas

Now that Mr. Hankey’s all tied up with the new wife and kids, it's up to the boys and a video Christmas card to save the spirit of the season.


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