Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 14 Episodes

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Season 14 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Triple D All Stars

This trip, Guy's hittin' the road with a couple of his A-list friends: Matthew McConaughey and fellow foodie Andrew Zimmern.


Episode 2 - Streamlined Sammies

This trip, Guy's pullin' right up to the window and digging in in Austin, Texas, in Minneapolis, MN and in Dallas, Texas.


Episode 3 - Crankin' Up the Classics

This trip, Guy's checkin' out some joints that are kickin' the staples up a notch.


Episode 4 - Passin' The Baton

This trip, Guy's hittin' the road and chowin' down on some long-standing traditions.


Episode 5 - Big Time Flavor

Guy makes stops in Dallas, Texas Minneapolis; Minnesota and Austin, Texas looking for plates that pack a punch.


Episode 6 - Unexpected Eats

This trip, Guy's going for some unique chow. He makes stops in Stillwater, Minn., Santa Rosa, Calif., and Portsmouth, Va.


Episode 7 - BBQ Road Show

On this trip, Guy Fieri's tucking in the napkin for righteous barbecue. In Dallas, a barbecue stand at a farmers market dishes out beef brisket and Carolina pork, and outside Las Vegas, Guy finds fresh sausage and slow-cooked ribs.


Episode 8 - All Vegas, All the Time

Guy's going off the strip and digging into Las Vegas. He also makes stops in Buffalo, N.Y., and at his alma mater, UNLV.


Episode 9 - Serious Sandwiches

Guy's got a line on some righteous sammies. He heads to Austin, TX, Las Vegas and St. Paul, Minnesota.


Episode 10 - International Eats

Guy's got his sight set on food with international influence. He makes stops in Richardson, Texas, Las Vegas, and New York City.


Episode 11 - Belly Up

This trip, Guy's getting up close to some serious gourmet grub. In Chicago, the brewhouse serving up beer to go with mussels, a mega brisket sandwich, and their version of headcheese.


Episode 12 - Dynamic Dishes

On this trip, Guy Fieri's taking on some truly unique eats. In Honolulu, the Jamaican joint servin' up jerk chicken wings and some wicked goat curry. In Arlington, Texas, the Russian spot flipping a potato pancake stuffed with beef.


Episode 13 - Coast to Coast Chow

Guy's quest covers the country. In Charleston, a breakfast hangout does a chicken fried biscuit. In Chicago, a 40-year-old institution busts out traditional German. In Honolulu, a food truck cranks out chimichurri beef tacos.


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