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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 23 Episodes

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Season 23 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Bowlful of Soul

This trip, Guy Fieri's going all in for some comfort and soul. He makes stops in Charlotte, NC, Las Vegas and Culver City, CA.


Episode 2 - Taste of Asia

Guy Fieri's getting a big taste of the Far East in Las Vegas and Denver. In Vegas, he tries serious sushi and an Asian spin on classic grilled cheese. In Denver, he goes to a righteous and meaty all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue joint.


Episode 3 - Tri-Continent Cuisine

Guy Fieri's checking out killer cuisine spanning three different continents: in Denver, he finds joints serving Indian and Brazilian specialties, and in Atlanta, it's that good old American comfort food, meat sandwiches.


Episode 4 - From Biscuits to Brisket

Guy Fieri gets a taste of all-American stick-to-your-ribs comfort food in Atlanta and Fort Collins, Colorado.


Episode 5 - Homeland Favorites

In Denver, Atlanta and Richfield, Minnesota, Guy Fieri celebrates homeland favorites from all kinds of diverse cultures.


Episode 6 - Name That Kitchen

Guy checks out some spots whose names say a lot in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Falmouth, Massachusetts.


Episode 7 - Beef It Up

Guy's diving into menus boasting plenty of beef in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Plymouth, Massachusetts.


Episode 8 - By Hand and By Fork

Guy's digging into dynamite dishes and grabbing some outrageous grub in Denver, Bayport, Minnesota, and Falmouth, Massachusetts.


Episode 9 - Finger Lickin' Food

On this trip, Guy Fieri visits Atlanta, Minneapolis and Massachusetts to find grub that doesn't require a knife and fork.


Episode 10 - Bite of Britain

On this trip, Guy Fieri's livin' it up in London and digging into a real-deal regional feast.


Episode 11 - Piggin' Out

This trip, Guy's going big on the pig in places like Colorado Springs and Minneapolis.


Episode 12 - Ultimate Turkey Fest

Guy Fieri gobbles up Thanksgiving with turkey in all ways, shapes and forms. From California to Florida, he digs into everything from the traditional dinner to turducken, turkey-shaped bread loaves and a complete turkey dinner fried into bite-sized balls.


Episode 13 - Isle-talian

Guy's diving into an island-Italian mashup. In Plymouth, MA, he visits a joint with a plantain sandwich and wings gone bananas. In Colorado Springs, he hits a neighborhood Italian spot servin' up arancini and real-deal veal.


Episode 14 - Holiday Hoopla

Guy Fieri's celebrating the holidays with dishes perfect for the Christmas and Hanukkah season.


Episode 15 - East-West Flavorfest

Guy's cruisin' from east to west for a taste of Asian and Americana. In Washington, DC, he visits a joint serving knockout dumplings and ramen. In Atlantic City, he hits a pizza parlor with cheeseburger and chicken vodka pies.


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