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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 38 Episodes

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Season 38 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - South Dakota Smorgasbord

Guy Fieri is hitting DDD's 50th state as he heads into Sioux Falls, SD, where a spot is taking chislic to the next level, and he finds the state's first Ethiopian joint. Plus, a Midwest-Southern mashup is putting their own stamp on comfort cooking.


Episode 2 - Spicin' Things Up

Guy Fieri's grabbing sandwiches, spice and everything nice, starting with lights-out lamb in Fargo, ND. A funky spot in Sioux Falls, SD, is loading up hand-held flavor bombs, and, in Fairbanks, AK, a wild pizza place is making spicy, sweet pies.


Episode 3 - Triple D Nation: From Sausage to Saltfish

Guy Fieri heads back to a Portland, OR, sausage maker for pepperoni. An Oklahoma City meat-and-three serves up fried ribs and old-fashioned oxtail, and a Jamaican joint in Miami has everything from saltfish to spicy hot hand pies.


Episode 4 - Triple D Nation: Hearty Helpings

Guy Fieri's plate is full of heaping helpings, starting with a Pittsburgh joint servin' local staples. A Florida diner with northern inspiration is spreading out all over the South, and the second generation churns out award-winning chili in Oklahoma.


Episode 5 - Savory Meat and a Little Sweet

Guy Fieri is digging into both meat and sweet, starting in Sioux Falls, SD, where a market-butcher eatery is serving a culinary extravaganza. Then, in Fargo, ND, a bakery cafe is scratch-making sticky pecan rolls and a savory French pastry dish.


Episode 6 - Triple D Nation: Authentic International Eats

Guy Fieri's trip around the US is a culinary spin around the globe. He finds Chinese staples in North Pole, AK, German sausage in Portland, OR, and an authentic Ukrainian market with cabbage rolls and bigos stew in Minneapolis.


Episode 7 - Rib-Stickers

Guy Fieri's diggin' into dishes that'll stick to your ribs. He finds clean eats in Sioux Falls, SD, elevated comfort food like a 25-ingredient meatloaf in Fairbanks, AK, and Midwest mashups in Moorhead, MN.


Episode 8 - Triple D Nation: California Comfort

Guy Fieri's cruisin' around Cali, and his first stop is a favorite from the pilot episode that's still slayin' with a killer prime rib sandwich. He grabs sandwiches in Eagle Rock and finds a chef from Yucatan branching out with his Mexican menu in LA.


Episode 9 - Alaskan Adventure

Guy Fieri heads to Fairbanks for an Alaskan culinary adventure. There's authentic German specialties at a super funky food truck, a food-and-music jamfest featuring Cuban favorites and a local hot spot servin' up comfort with meatball subs.


Episode 10 - Takeout: Goin' Big and Bringin' Home

Guy and Hunter Fieri combine cooking at home and great restaurant food with recipes sent by DDD alums who join in the fun via video chat. The menu includes a stromboli from Wyoming and seafood stew from a classic Georgia diner.


Episode 11 - Triple D Nation: BBQ, Pubs and Local Grub

In Pacifica, CA, Guy Fieri revisits an old barbecue buddy to check out his take on pork ribs, and a neighborhood joint in Boulder, CO, serves crepes and corned beef hash. Plus, a Minneapolis brewpub dishes out Minnesota staples like a wild rice burger.


Episode 12 - Takeout: Carnivore Delivery

Guy and Hunter Fieri are cooking up recipes sent by DDD alums who join in the fun via video chat. On this menu, there are monster beef ribs from Las Vegas, a waffle-hamburger mashup from Atlanta and pizza and wings from San Antonio.


Episode 13 - Triple D Nation: Snacks, Apps and Twisted Mac

Guy Fieri revisits an old favorite in San Francisco for cod rillettes and chowder. In St. Paul, MN, the Godfather of pasta is still servin' scratchmade everything, and a neighborhood hot spot in Wisconsin has some new appetizers.


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