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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 42 Episodes

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Season 42 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - From Europe to Asia

Guy Fieri has a culinary lineup crossing both the Atlantic and the Pacific. There's righteous ramen in Millcreek, UT, an authentic Italian spot making artichoke Parmesan soup in Grand Junction, CO, and stuffed cabbage and schnitzel in Albuquerque, NM.


Episode 2 - Triple D Nation: Fish, Fries and Frog Legs

Guy Fieri fuels up on a few Flavortown favorites. A Jamaican joint in Nashville, TN, dishes up oxtail and escovitch from the island. A spot in Franklin, TN, serves loaded fries and messy shrimp, and Guy finds fried gizzards and frog legs in Lansing, MI.


Episode 3 - Asian and American

Guy Fieri's got Asian flavors, an American classic and some mashups in between. In Anchorage, AK, there's a Korean-Mexican joint rolling out kimchi burritos, and a funky fusion spot in Albuquerque, NM, heads off the charts with the bomb pork belly.


Episode 4 - Meaty, Cheesy and Sweet

Guy Fieri's loading up on things meaty, cheesy and a little sweet, like wild waffles in Anchorage, AK, and sizzlin' steak tacos in Aspen, CO. Plus, in Albuquerque, NM, a lights-out Latin joint is going big with their amazing arepas and pork paninis.


Episode 5 - From Appetizers to Dessert

Guy Fieri's digging into appetizers, dessert and everything in-between. In Laramie, WY, an old-school cafe is loadin' up green-chili burritos and scratch-made pie. Then, a spot in Anchorage, AK, is going next level with their blackened chicken gnocchi.


Episode 6 - Gettin' Funky in Flavortown

Guy Fieri's grabbing all kinds of funky flavor, starting in Laramie, WY, where a restaurant-bar is pilin' up their nachos, and a longtime spot is cooking up a vegetarian banh mi. Then, a Mexican joint in Alaska is serving dynamite duck tacos.


Episode 7 - From Italian to Asian

Guy Fieri's diving into Asian flavors alongside a taste of Italy, starting at a Vietnamese spot in Albuquerque, NM, that's servin' up out-of-bounds banh mi. Plus, in Anchorage, AK, a real deal Italian deli is adding magic to their sandwiches.


Episode 8 - Triple D Nation: Poultry, Lamb and Jam

Guy Fieri's got breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, starting in Columbus, OH, where he's loadin' up on a meatball sub. Then, Guy's turning his attention to creative cocktails and a jammin' turkey burger in Edison, NJ, and shawarma in Lansing, MI.


Episode 9 - Pickin' Up and Chowin' Down

Guy Fieri's diggin' into dishes perfect for pickin' up and chowin' down, like a bomb barbecue pie at a pizza-bakery in Laramie, WY. Then, a funky Cleveland bar is making monster tots, and a Vietnamese spot in Anchorage, AK, is cookin' up amazing crepes.


Episode 10 - Triple D Nation: Out of Bounds Burgers

Guy Fieri's got a mouth full of the best burgers, starting with a Cali-inspired chorizo burger in Blue Ash, OH. Then, there's a strawberry jam-packed double patty in Nashville, and a burger joint in Ann Arbor, MI, is making 'em a million different ways.


Episode 11 - Food Network Super Chefs

Guy Fieri's hitting up joints owned by Food Network super chefs, like Maneet Chauhan, who is serving up her creative spin on Indian recipes in Nashville. Then, in Cleveland, Guy joins Michael Symon, firing up pork belly at his barbecue spot.


Episode 12 - Plating Up Puerto Rico

Guy Fieri's traveling with Antonia Lofaso on a culinary journey through Puerto Rico. In Old San Juan, they're diggin' into a chicken-trifongo combo, and a traditional spot in Juncos is servin' up plantain-picadillo lasagna and a stew made with pig's feet.


Episode 13 - Triple D Nation: Old Friends, New Flavors

On this trip, old friends are whippin' up new flavors. In New York City, Guy Fieri follows a Triple D alum to his new place for old-school pizza, and a Belgian bistro in Cincinnati is serving waffles every which way.


Episode 14 - Chicken, Steak and Cake

Guy Fieri's doubling up with sweet and savory, both hot and cold. There are chicken and steak arepas in San Juan, Puerto Rico, winning wings from a funky food truck in Laramie, WY, and an ice cream-cake combo plus a raclette-ramen mashup in Cleveland.


Episode 15 - Flavor Expedition

Guy Fieri's worldwide journey of flavor starts in Caguas, Puerto Rico, with churrasco steak and risotto and ropa vieja dumplings. He also grabs tandoori chicken and samosas in Middleton, NJ, and next-level Filipino dishes in Cleveland.


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