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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 44 Episodes

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Season 44 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Eastern Southern

This trip, Guy Fieri's heading east to get a taste of the South. In North Conway, N.H., a real deal smokehouse is putting their spin on meatloaf and stuffing empanadas with brisket. In Atlantic Beach, N.C., a funky joint is servin' Southern fried pork chops and spicing up their shrimp. Then in Ormond Beach, Fla., a historic spot is adding bourbon to the mix and making a standout seafood stew.


Episode 2 - Rolled and Holed

This trip, Guy Fieri's rolling out with a little "holey" moley. In North Conway, N.H., a Jersey-style joint is puttin' out bomb bagels and a unique sweet. In Morehead City, N.C., a funky spot is adding a Southern spin to egg rolls while also elevating traditional shrimp and grits, and in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, a fun chef is goin' prime time with pastrami and pizza.


Episode 3 - Triple D Nation: Soups, Stews and Seafood

This trip, Guy Fieri’s spending some time with family, friends and pho. First up in Morehead City, N.C., it's a walk down memory lane when Guy stops at a place he used to eat as a kid, and the hushpuppies and fried fish have not changed a bit. Then in New York City, it's a look back at ropa vieja and oxtail with an old buddy plus real-deal Vietnamese like bo luc lac in Cincinnati.


Episode 4 - Triple D Nation: From Sausage to Sweet

On this trip, Guy Fieri's got sweet and savory. First up in Pembroke, N.C., he stops by a never-seen-before treat truck to try some knock-out candy apples. Then, an old school diner in Jersey City may have gotten a new name, but the pancakes are still the same. Down the road in Brigantine, N.J., a tried-and-true butcher shop is still grinding and stuffing sausage.


Episode 5 - Beef and Bird

This trip, Guy Fieri's loading up the meat with bomb beef and bird. In North Conway, N.H., a funky joint is putting Thai into their tacos and punching up their piccata. In Emerald Isle, N.C., a local gem is firing up monster barbecue. Then in Taos, a traditional spot is serving up real deal New Mexican specialties.


Episode 6 - Not-Your-Everyday, All Day

Guy Fieri's diggin' into not-your-everyday dishes, all day long. In Taos, N.M., there's a sweet, stacked-up breakfast and a unique pot pie twist, plus cheffed-up Mexican recipes you won't find on a typical menu. Then, skate legend Tony Hawk is along for the ride in San Diego, grabbin' crazy creative vegan cooking.


Episode 7 - Culinary Adventure

Guy Fieri's jumping into a full culinary adventure, starting in San Diego where there's a two-for-one spot servin' Baja-style seafood and rich bone marrow tacos and a funky food truck puttin' out next-level shawarma. Then in Taos, N.M., a pan-Asian joint is pullin' out the stops with curry noodles and a bison Reuben banh mi.


Episode 8 - Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: Revved Up

If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with DDD, it's Guy Fieri's Rojo Red '68 Camaro. This car has been on his road trip around the country for years, and she is tired. Guy and his buddies at VP Speed Shop are retooling another '68 Camaro to be an identical twin sister that even Guy won't be able to tell apart. When he stops in for check-ins, he'll bring some of his favorite dishes from local places around the area. Plus, we'll look back on how the Camaro became Guy's sidekick as we revisit some of its best gags, celebrity encounters and food-centric shenanigans.


Episode 9 - Triple D Nation: Burgers, Bowls and Bangers

In a bowl or on a bun, this trip's got it all! First up, Guy Fieri pops into a poke truck he found at the Ferndale County Fair for some island-inspired flavors. Then in Hackensack, N.J., a diner is still serving sliders and steak sandwiches you can eat by the truckload. Plus, a popular Palm Desert, Calif., spot has savory and sweet breakfast options to satisfy any palate, including frosted pastries and a banger benny.


Episode 10 - Thai, Pie and Fries

This trip, Guy Fieri's diving into Thai food, pie and some hearty fries. In San Diego, an amazing Asian spot is servin' phenomenal fried fish and righteous ribs. Plus, in Arroyo Seco, N.M., a New Zealand food truck is making mouthwatering meat pies and a modern comfort joint is cooking up a mushroom masterpiece and loaded bison chili fries.


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