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Season 40 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Triple D Nation: Pork, Poke and Pollo

Guy Fieri hits the road for a Triple "P" Party! In Houston, he's checking in on a Greek diner where the machinery -- like a rotisserie spinning off-the-hook pork -- is as impressive as the food. Then, a poke place in Kahului, Hawaii, is dishin' out fresh fish and turning up the heat on tako. And in San Francisco, a real-deal Mexican joint is scratch-makin' it all, from the pozole to the caldo tlalpeno con pollo.


Episode 2 - Triple D Nation: Cookin' Across the Country

Guy Fieri's traveling from sea to shining sea, starting in Key West, Fla., where a food cart has increased its footprint to churn out even more food, like kimchi and Kogi dogs. In College Station, Texas, Guy goes back to an early stop on the DDD road trip, and they're still makin' classic diner staples like meatloaf and biscuits and gravy. Then, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, a collision of Hawaiian, Korean and Filipino traditions creates combinations like adobo-style oxtail.


Episode 3 - Pig's Feet, Mojo and Chow-Chow

On this trip, Guy Fieri dives into not-your-everyday recipes. In Palm Beach, Fla., a hidden gem serving up seafood and chow-chow. In Marathon, Fla., a jungle-like spot puttin' their fresh-grown flavors into dishes like mojo chicken and mango ribs. Plus, a funky Filipino joint in Hawaii firing up their spin on pig's feet.


Episode 4 - Taste of the Tropics

This trip, Guy Fieri is loadin' up on tropical flavor. In Marathon, Fla., a waterside spot serving up lobster enchiladas and lionfish rolls. In Hilo, Hawaii, a funky food truck cooking Vietnamese specialties like the bomb banh mi sandwiches and standout spring rolls. And in Maui, a fresh-catch joint puttin' out poke and a new twist on fish tacos.


Episode 5 - Triple D Nation: Intercontinental Cuisine

On this trip, Guy Fieri finds intercontinental cuisine without leaving the U.S., starting in Lahaina, Hawaii, where the whole Fieri family revisits a funky noodle joint for some surprising soup at their new beachfront address. Then, it's a double dose of Chicago spots with an Italian eatery that's crankin' out calamari and makin' all kinds of mussels and a Korean-American burger joint going crazy with their kimchi.


Episode 6 - Mouthwatering Meat

On this trip, Guy Fieri is diving into meat mania. In Palm Beach, Fla., a butcher shop-restaurant emporium smokin' up brisket and beefing up the burgers. A joint in Houston, Texas, serving worldwide recipes like Latin-style pork belly and Caribbean oxtails, and, in Hilo, Hawaii, a historic spot dishin' out meaty pasta and amped-up loco moco.


Episode 7 - Triple D Nation: From Chicken to Chorizo

Guy Fieri's covering everything from chicken to chorizo, starting on Maui, where he revisits a spot that's churning out smoked chicken and killer cornbread. In Kenosha, Wis., a diner that's almost a century old is still putting chorizo in all their breakfast favorites, like sweet potato hash, and in Chicago, crowds flock to a BBQ joint for their jumbo wings in soy ginger sauce.


Episode 8 - Triple D Nation: Papaya, Panelle and Pork

It's Triple P on Triple D! First up in Kihei, Hawaii, Guy Fieri finds papaya and pork belly paired up at a local spot known for fusion flavors. An Italian eatery and market in Norridge, Ill., is still creating authentic Sicilian recipes like pane and panelle, and a Chicago BBQ spot is dishin' up killer pulled pork.


Episode 9 - Cookin' from Scratch

Guy Fieri's diving into all kinds of scratch-made specialties on this trip. In Houston, Texas, there's real-deal Italian pasta from a real-deal Italian chef, plus a funky joint loadin' up sandwiches and putting out pizza topped with a surprising combo. Then, in Hilo, Hawaii, a scenic spot cookin' up comfort, like chicken pot pie and an elevated take on duck.


Episode 10 - Triple D Nation: Fresh from Flavortown

On this trip, it's Flavortown at its freshest. In Maui, Hawaii, Guy Fieri stops by a food truck for hamachi straight from the sea, served up on chilled soba noodles. Then, an empanada empire in Houston, Texas, is dishin' out churrasco and chimichurri, and a Chicago hot spot known for their homemade chorizo is crankin' out three different concepts from one kitchen.


Episode 11 - Domestic & Abroad

On this trip, Guy Fieri's digging into all-American and foreign favorites. In Houston, a funky spot firin' up Filipino flavor with a Texas twist. In Centralia, Wash., a real-deal meat market stackin' up serious sandwiches, and in Maui, Hawaii, authentic Italian served with plenty of personality.


Episode 12 - Triple D Nation: Diner Eats and a Fieri Treat

For this trip, it's Guy Fieri's treat! On Maui, musician Mick Fleetwood and his kitchen crew get the royal treatment when the Fieri family stops by to whip up lamb with mint pesto just for them. Then, when Guy first stumbled on a diner out in Delta, Wis., he just had to share it. Now he's back again, and the hash browns have a whole new look. Plus, the third generation may have taken over a Houston joint, but the burgers and specials are still the same.


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