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Season 39 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Triple D Nation: From Italy to Africa

On this trip, Guy Fieri is making Triple D history in San Francisco with a GGG-turned-DDD star who's bringing his Ethiopian-style flank steak and sauteed prawns to the Triple D Nation. In Minneapolis, an Italian joint is still scratch-making their pasta and prosciutto. Then, a Duluth diner is gathering ingredients straight from their planters and putting them right on your plate.


Episode 2 - Takeout: Comin' from All Over the Map

Guy and Hunter Fieri love cooking at home and great restaurant food, so they combine the two by cooking up recipes sent by Triple-D alums who join them via video chat. On this menu, there's gangster gorditas comin' from Phoenix, Korean chicken wings out of Denver and a steak specialty from a classic Jewish deli in Houston, Texas. Plus, pizza and meatballs sent by an old-school spot in Knoxville, Tenn.


Episode 3 - Takeout: Sendin' the Surf & Turf

Guy and Hunter Fieri combine their love of cooking at home and great restaurant food by making recipes sent by DDD alums who join them via video chat. On this menu, there are fish tacos and crab cakes out of San Francisco, a deluxe hot dog from Fairfield, Conn., a Cajun shrimp creation comin' from Des Moines and sensational spicy Thai straight out of Los Angeles.


Episode 4 - Triple D Nation: Nostalgic Neighborhood Nosh

This time, Guy Fieri is cruising the neighborhood to revisit local hangs he can't get enough of. First up, in San Francisco, an Italian joint keeps crankin' out favorites like chicken marsala and eggplant parmesan. Then, in Philadelphia, an old-school, family-run diner is still offering up scrapple, crepes and apple walnut French toast at any hour of the day. And in Minneapolis, a total dive has added even more Chicago-style staples to their menu, including a hot dog topped with giardiniera.


Episode 5 - Pasta, Potatoes and Pescatarian

On this trip, Guy Fieri is tasting everything from pasta to potatoes, and he's got some grub for his pescatarian friends. First up, Vanilla Ice takes Guy to his favorite Ecuadorian joint in West Palm Beach, Fla., for standout ceviche. Then, in Moorhead, Minn., a former DJ mixes it up with his take on scratch-made pasta and poutine, and, in the Florida Keys, a local landmark is poundin' out hits like their chicken and smash.


Episode 6 - Triple D Nation: From the Seas and Lots of Cheese

On this trip, Guy Fieri is diving into all sorts of off-the-hook flavors. First up, in the Florida Keys, Guy and Hunter are hittin' up a local landmark that's new to DDD -- but their deconstructed ceviche is the talk of the town. In St. Paul, the stuffed burgers and spicy apps at a neighborhood hot spot called us back for a third time, and, in Philly, classic comfort food is made with unexpected ingredients.


Episode 7 - Triple D Nation: New Faces and Old Places

This time, Guy Fieri is checking out a mix of familiar places and new faces. In Miami, Guy and a couple buddies hit up a Haitian place for the first time, and the fried pork and pikliz do not disappoint. Then, in Oakland, a vegan version of Creole classics like gator bites and jambalaya, and, in Blawnox, Pa., an old school dive still dishin' out heaping helpings of hearty home cooking.


Episode 8 - Takeout: Best of the West Roundup

Guy Fieri and Hunter are joined by DDD alums via video chat to make some Triple-D style takeout. On this menu, there's a crazy burger creation comin' from Phoenix and handmade sausages out of Portland, Ore. Plus, a couple California spots are sending spicy Mexican shrimp and the bomb barbecue.


Episode 9 - Triple D Nation: Mobile Meals

On this trip, Guy Fieri is chasing down dynamite dishes on the move. First up, in Kihei, Hawaii, Guy, Hunter and Jules stumble onto a pizza cart that Guy first found on the beach in 2016 -- and the pie is still legit. Then, in Cloquet, Minn., an old-school carhop's delivering double cheeseburgers and real-deal Coneys right to your car, and a food truck traveling throughout San Francisco opened a permanent spot for their Asian-Mexican mashups.


Episode 10 - Takeout: All Over the Menu

Guy Fieri's family loves both cooking at home and great restaurant food, so they combine the two with some Triple-D style takeout. Guy and Hunter are joined by DDD alums via video chat to cook up a menu of chicken and biscuits out of Brooklyn and off-the-hook Jamaican oxtail and wings from Cincinnati. Plus, octopus and pasta comin' from Chicago and a whole new kind of crab cake straight out of Baltimore.


Episode 11 - Takeout: Real Deal Delivery

Guy Fieri combines a love of great restaurant food and cooking at home by making recipes sent by DDD alums who join Guy and Hunter via video chat. On this menu, there's real deal barbecue from Los Angeles, wild Thai dishes out of Phoenix, a monster lasagna from Minneapolis and old-school steak hoagies straight out of Hollywood, Fla.


Episode 12 - Triple D Nation: All Sorts of Seafood

This time, Guy Fieri is diving into all sorts of seafood sensations. In Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, a poke place had to change their address to handle the DDD crowds, but they brought their ahi and oysters with them. Then, in San Francisco, a quaint spot is still servin' Southern staples with a twist -- like their crawfish pot pie. Plus, a clam shack in Key West, Fla., got creative with conch.


Episode 13 - Takeout: Shipped, Sweet and Savory

Guy Fieri loves cooking at home and great restaurant food, so he combines the best of both worlds by making some Triple-D style takeout with DDD alums who join Guy and Hunter via video chat. On this menu, there’s killer Cajun comin’ from Los Angeles, sweet and savory crepes out of Las Vegas, empanadas sent from Denver, and legit barbecue straight out of Taylor, Texas.


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