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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 28 Episodes

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Season 28 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Mom's Kitchen

From dan dan noodles in Boulder, CO, to Jamaican jerk chicken in Columbus, OH, to lights-out Latin cuisine in Mesa, AZ, Guy hits the road to grab grub straight out of Mom's kitchen.


Episode 2 - Delicious Discoveries

Guy Fieri uncovers a hidden Nepalese-Tibetan gem in Columbus, OH, a Mexican spot serving standout seafood tacos and unique mole fries in Dallas, plus, another Dallas joint cooking up lights-out dishes straight from Afghanistan.


Episode 3 - By Land and Sea

From bison pastrami and smoked white fish in Duluth, Minnesota, to clam linguine and elk ravioli in Seattle, Guy Fieri dives into joints servin' up spectacular surf and tasty turf.


Episode 4 - Bird and Beef

This trip, Guy digs in to awesome bird and beef dishes. In Colorado, he visits a fried chicken emporium serving up their specialty with unique chicharrones. In Dallas, he uncovers a spot smoking up duck and piling on the brisket.


Episode 5 - All Kinds of Comfort

Guy Fieri dives in to all kinds of comfort cooking. In Phoenix, he visits a funky joint that's stacking up barbecue fries and putting a new spin on chilaquiles. In Colorado, he stops by a pizza place that's loading up the pies.


Episode 6 - Pub Grub

Guy's grabbin' all kinds of pub grub from chicken pie in Philadelphia and pizza in Baltimore to pierogis in Pennsylvania and an over-the-top dog in Kansas City, MO.


Episode 7 - Rollin' in the Dough

Guy Fieri's diggin' into dishes featuring some dynamite dough from a legit Hawaiian joint in Arizona serving a meaty bun to a funky shop in Miami making artisan doughnuts.


Episode 8 - International Intrigue

Guy crisscrosses the nation to grab some international grub from a funky Thai joint serving up noodles, curry and green papaya salad in Dallas to a Latin place dealing in empanadas in Miami.


Episode 9 - West Coast Cookin'

On this trip, Guy Fieri's sticking to the West Coast and making all kinds of funky stops. From northern to southern Cali, he's diggin' into a mouth-watering variety of killer cuisine that's sure to please any palate.


Episode 10 - Lights-Out Latin

Guy Fieri dives into all kinds of amazing Latin specialties from primo Peruvian sandwiches in Miami and Panamanian flavors in North Carolina to a joint in Tucson, AZ, putting a funky fresh spin on tacos and carne asada.


Episode 11 - Pizza, Pork and Peru

This trip, Guy Fieri digs into out-of-this-world pizza with a surprise in Lansing, MI, standout Philly sandwiches in Wilmington, NC, and real deal Peruvian specialties in Tucson, AZ.


Episode 12 - All-American All-Stars

Guy Fieri is cruisin' the country and fillin' up on all-American all-stars, from East Coast Coney dogs to elevated mountain grub in the Rockies. He also gets a spicy taste of Texas and samples a hidden Northwestern gem.


Episode 13 - Seafood and Savory

Guy grabs some off-the-hook seafood and savory sensations, from a Bosnian restaurant in Tucson, AZ, serving up Eastern European specialties to a down-home Southern spot frying up favorites in Wilmington, NC.


Episode 14 - Grab and Grub

Guy Fieri's grabbing all kinds of grub, starting with a Chicago-style spot in Tucson, Ariz., firing up deep-dish pie. In Miami, NFL Coach Jon Gruden's riding shotgun with Guy to a place with out-of-the-box Cuban.


Episode 15 - Primetime Pork

On this trip, Guy Fieri's piling plates high with all kinds of pork. He's diggin' into everything from barbecue and chops to sausage and sandwiches. Get ready to pig out on nationwide porkapalooza.


Episode 16 - BBQ Bites and Southern Flavor

Guy Fieri's grabbing some barbecue and Southern comfort. He visits a Seattle barbecue joint smokin' up ribs and dishin' out brisket chili and a real-deal Southern spot in California that's serious about fried chicken and collards.


Episode 17 - East Coast, West Coast

Guy Fieri hits both coasts for delicious dishes. In California, he grabs spicy pork in Palo Alto and plantains in Oakland. Then, he stops at a bakery-restaurant serving up meatloaf and French toast in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Episode 18 - Italian, Hawaiian and Colombian

Guy Fieri's digging into a multicultural flavorfest, from a poke place in Hawaii knocking it out of the park with island specialties to a crazy Italian spot putting tasty twists on their homemade pasta in San Carlos, California.


Episode 19 - Playin' Chicken

Guy Fieri's playing a tasty game of chicken all over the country. He finds it Nashville hot-style in California and French-style at a pizza-pasta place in Seattle. In Hawaii, it's stuffed with Southern comfort and island flair.


Episode 20 - Triple D Nation: Poke, Pork and Chicken Parm

Guy Fieri's checking in on some of his favorite joints servin' up a bite for any time of the day. He checks out the updates at a Denver triple threat, a Chicago restaurant and DDD's first and only Trinidadian joint.


Episode 21 - Triple D Nation: Global Goodies

Guy Fieri's taking a walk down memory lane to check on some of his favorite DDD finds. He gets a second helping at his first Peruvian place in Chicago, and tradition stands firm at an old school chili parlor in Seattle.


Episode 22 - On the Hook and In the Bun

Guy Fieri's reeling in off-the-hook seafood and digging into serious sandwiches. He finds the bomb beef dip in Seattle, a fresh poke burger on the big island of Hawaii and pork buns and dim sum chicken feet in San Francisco.


Episode 23 - Fusion of Flavors

Guy digs into a variety of flavor fusions from a Latin-Asian mashup in Chicago and a Nashville hot chicken joint in Seattle to a Hawaiian spot that mixes the island with the mainland.


Episode 24 - Tasty Traditions

Guy Fieri dives into dishes steeped in tasty tradition from funky Russian piroshki in Seattle and a tucked-away joint in Kona serving authentic Hawaiian cuisine to an old-school Jewish deli in Chicago.


Episode 25 - Triple D Nation: Something for Everyone

Guy Fieri pops into one of his favorite Seattle spots from the first season of DDD to see what's new for breakfast and lunch. In Minneapolis, Cuban cuisine has really taken off since DDD came to visit.


Episode 26 - Triple D Nation: Surf and Turf

It's a mix of land and sea as Guy Fieri pops into a few favorite spots. A Portland, OR, chef is still serving up seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Guy taste-tests new pizzas in Jackson, WY.


Episode 27 - Far East Flavorfest

Guy Fieri cruises the states to check out some Far-East flavors from funky chicken with an Asian spin in Seattle and righteous Thai in Hawaii to modern Korean wings in Chicago.


Episode 28 - Culinary Journey

Guy Fieri's hitting the road for on an off-the-chain culinary journey. On the Big Island, a Filipino-Hawaiian mashup making a name for leaving diners speechless. In Chicago, a Spanish-style spot serving off-the-hook seafood.


Episode 29 - Triple D Nation: Meat Lovers

It's meat any way you like it when Guy Fieri heads to Miami to see what his buddy is doing with chicken and duck. A noodle shop in Portland, Ore., is churning out thousands of dumplings a week these days.


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