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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 33 Episodes

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Season 33 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Loaded, Stuffed and Fried

Guy Fieri's digging into joints loadin' it, stuffin' it and fryin' it, from bison-gravy fries and a lamb sandwich in Santa Fe, NM, to outrageous stuffed oysters in Kansas City, KS, and fully loaded potatoes in El Paso, TX.


Episode 2 - Triple D Nation: A Family Affair

Guy Fieri's checking in on family-run favorites. In Honolulu, siblings are ready to roll their mom's Filipino food all around the island, and a San Diego taqueria has been serving taquitos the same way for three generations.


Episode 3 - Full of Surprises

Guy Fieri's digging into some surprising ingredients, from lamb neck in Santa Fe, NM, to duck tongue tacos in Kansas City, MO.


Episode 4 - Far-Flung Flavor

Guy Fieri's heading out to grab flavor from far and wide, starting with shawarma and salmon souvlaki in Santa Fe, NM. He also finds surprising Scandinavian specialties in Kansas City, MO.


Episode 5 - Triple D Nation: Coastal Cuisine

The sun is out and the surf is high as Guy Fieri hits up some ultimate DDD spots by the shore. First, he's in Honolulu to say "Hi" to an old buddy who's reelin' in fresh poke and smokin' pork by the plateful.


Episode 6 - Triple D Nation: Something Sweet

It's Diners, Drive-Ins, Dives and decadence … with plenty of sweet to go along with the savory! First up, Guy Fieri's in Kansas City, MO, where a brunch spot is serving up a vegan treat rich enough for any meat eater.


Episode 7 - Pizza Plus

Guy Fieri is divin' into the pie, starting in Boston at a joint putting beer into the crust. Then, a hard-rock hangout in Santa Fe, NM, is servin' up carne asada pizza, and a funky spot in Reno, NV, gives new meaning to apple pie.


Episode 8 - Bagels, Biscuit and Boar

Guy Fieri is diggin' into all kinds of flavor, starting in Santa Fe, NM, at a pub serving comfort grub like chicken and biscuits. Then, it's on to Reno, NV, for wild boar spaetzle, and Cambridge, MA, for some bagel sandwiches.


Episode 9 - Unique Eats

Guy Fieri is grabbin' unique eats, starting with Indian favorites like lamb curry in Santa Fe, NM. Then it's on to a pork belly banh mi in Reno, NV, and a mac-and-cheese waffle at a vegetarian spot in Cambridge, MA.


Episode 10 - Triple D Nation: Fried, Baked and Barbecued

Things are cookin' all kinds of ways when Guy Fieri visits a San Diego diner where law enforcement hones their skills. Then, in Phoenix, a Triple D legend serves up a Mexican-Asian mashup that has never been matched.


Episode 11 - Eating Alaska

Guy Fieri and his son, Hunter, are taking a culinary journey up to Juneau, AK. They're divin' into reindeer pie from a wood-fired pizza wagon, some Latin-Asian fusion in a funky basement spot and a meaty, savory cowboy sundae.


Episode 12 - Northern Southern

Guy Fieri is grabbing Southern flavor all over the place with Nashville hot chicken and gumbo in Massachusetts, smokin' brisket and wing nachos in Nevada and honey-bourbon ribs in Alaska.


Episode 13 - Triple D Nation: Trottin' Out the Turkey

Guy Fieri is checkin' out Flavortown's turkey-centric spots, starting with a Thanksgiving plate at a Boston diner. Then, traditional turkey gets a side of seafood stuffing in New Orleans and a New Mexico spin in Albuquerque.


Episode 14 - Guy's All-Star Guests

Guy Fieri takes an all-star trip through Flavortown, starting in Kansas City, MO, where he tackles some pigskin with Chiefs' coach Andy Reid. Then, in Massachusetts, rocker Sammy Hagar rolls up on a crazy burger and French toast.


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