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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 34 Episodes

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Season 34 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Family Meals

Guy Fieri is embracing family on this trip. In Ottawa, Canada, two brothers-in-law carryin' on a decades-long seafood tradition. Plus, in Reno, Nevada, father-son meat masters firing up killer "char-becue."


Episode 2 - Triple D Nation: Cultural Cookin'

Guy Fieri is getting culture shock, starting with a French-inspired Hawaiian hot spot. Then, he checks in with a Lebanese joint outside Dallas, and in Santa Fe, NM, a Salvadoran chef is whipping up classics from his home country.


Episode 3 - Triple D Nation: Slurpin' Soup

Guy Fieri grabs a spoon for slurpin', starting in Honolulu at a diner known for oxtail soup. Then, people are flocking to a family-run restaurant in Baltimore, and a New Mexico chef is spicing her soup with a Santa Fe staple.


Episode 4 - Meat Sampler

Guy Fieri digs into all kinds of different meats on this trip. In Ottawa, Canada, a carnivore haven is stacking sandwiches with dynamite duck and a pork trifecta, and a Richmond, VA, taco joint is loading up out-of-bounds oxtail.


Episode 5 - Smokin' Hot BBQ

Guy Fieri's diving into all kinds of 'cue on this trip. In Ottawa, Canada, a funky chicken joint is cranking the rotisserie and firing up the ribs, and a Burlington, VT, place is smoking wings and mashing up their BBQ with ramen.


Episode 6 - Savory with a Side of Sweet

Guy Fieri is jumping into some sweet and savory dishes. In Burlington, VT, a vegan joint is gettin' crazy with a coconut-banana French toast, and a gas station-turned-restaurant in Logan, UT, is flipping grilled cheese inside-out.


Episode 7 - Lots of Latin

Guy Fieri is loading up on all kinds of Latin on this trip. In Logan, Utah, a Salvadoran spot is puttin' out pupusas, and a funky food truck in Denver is dishing out prime-time Puerto Rican specialties.


Episode 8 - Triple D Nation: Meat Mashup

Guy Fieri is reliving his most meat-tastic memories, starting in Kansas City, Mo., at an award-winning BBQ joint. Then, a Dallas taqueria is still flipping the Tex-Mex script, and a sub shop is winning over Washington, D.C.


Episode 11 - Triple D Nation: Layered, Stuffed and Stacked

It's a feeding frenzy, as Guy Fieri stops in Kansas City, MO, for a not-so-secret menu of sandwiches. Then, a Baltimore taqueria is now three locations deep, and a Greek joint in Cambridge, MA, has the moussaka market cornered.


Episode 13 - Triple D Nation: Italian, Thai and Pie

Guy Fieri has a righteous time revisiting joints offering everything from Thai to pie. In Honolulu, a family spot serves up specialties straight out of Thailand, and a funky spot in Dallas draws crowds for pizza and pasta.


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