Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 41 Episodes

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Season 41 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Regional Flavors

On this trip, Guy Fieri's diggin' into righteous regional flavors where you may not expect to find them. There's real-deal Cajun jambalaya and barbecue shrimp in Bend, Ore., and a funky spot serving global flavor in Chehalis, Wash., including Pakistani oxtail and Southwestern braised rabbit. And in Houston, a tiki joint making creative cocktails plus elevated dumplings and honey butter chicken biscuits.


Episode 2 - Triple D Nation: From Chicken to Chowder

This time, Guy Fieri's got all kinds of chicken and a chowder that can't be missed! First up in Florence, Ore., a never-been-seen seafood shack is makin' a must-have crab chowder, and Guy's creating a crab toast for their menu! Then, a Cuban spot in Chicago is cooking pollo and vaca frita the authentic way, and in Houston, a Jamaican joint's still adding their wet jerk seasoning to just about everything.


Episode 3 - Meat and Heat

Guy Fieri hits the road to dig into the meat and catch some heat. There's a tucked-away panini paradise in Chehalis, Wash., and a funky Korean spot in Brentwood, Tenn., gettin' spicy with their chicken and bulgogi. Plus, in Houston, a barbecue joint throwin' some Tex-Mex into the mix with their brisket tacos and jalapeno sausage.


Episode 4 - Sandwiches and Spice

On this trip, Guy Fieri's grabbing serious sandwiches and a side of spice. In Bend, Ore., there's a bagel shop loadin' up pastrami and throwing in some jalapeno heat. In Salt Lake City, a Venezuelan spot making amazing arepas and a plantain patacon. Plus, a Nashville joint following in their DDD-alum mother's footsteps while puttin' their own twist on Jamaican specialties.


Episode 5 - Traditional Twists

Guy Fieri's digging into a world of flavor with some special flair. In Bend, Ore., a funky spot stuffin' their buns with all kinds of unexpected flavors. A Puerto Rican oasis in West Jordan, Utah, cooking up specialties like real deal mofongo. Plus, in Nashville, an Italian joint servin' grandma's meatball recipe and righteous coal-fired pizza.


Episode 6 - Triple D Nation: Creative Comfort

On this trip, Guy Fieri's gettin' creative with comfort food. His first stop is a Jewish deli in Houston, Texas, where he tackles a towering take on chicken and waffles. Then, in Portland, Ore., Texas-style barbecue is pulling inspiration from south of the border with their smoked chicken enchiladas. And, in Nashville, a "meat and three" is still serving their Southern staples, but now you can get 'em after-hours.


Episode 7 - Tacos, Tots and Chops

On this trip, Guy Fieri's enjoying a fun, filling fiesta. In Grand Junction, Colo., there's a legit pub serving scratch-made comfort, like elevated hash and a real deal Reuben. In Salt Lake City, a funky spot takin' tacos to a whole new level, and, in Nashville, Middle Eastern specialties that are as outrageous as the group cookin' them up.


Episode 8 - Classic and Comfort

This trip is a classic, comfort-filled joy ride for Guy Fieri. In Leavenworth, Wash., a quintessential retro diner shines with their scratch-made mozzarella sticks and gravy fries. In Draper, Utah, a stellar Southern spot puttin' out homestyle fried chicken and grits. Plus, in Nashville, a vegan spot knockin' it out of the park with their club sandwich spin and meatless chorizo.


Episode 9 - Triple D Nation: Eats from Abroad

Guy Fieri is packing his passport because he's eating abroad! First up in Houston, Texas, Guy stops into a Mexican joint makin' mole and guisada just like grandma. An Italian eatery in Nashville is loadin' up the lasagna, and a Polish place in Hamtramck, Mich., is still pinchin' perogies and wrappin' beef rolls the old-fashioned way.


Episode 10 - Chicken 'Cross the Globe

This trip, Guy Fieri is trackin' down off-the-chain chicken from all across the globe. In Salt Lake City, there's a unique curry-chicken mashup, and in Albuquerque, N.M, the chicken is down-home fried alongside a sweet take on waffles. Plus, in Grand Junction, Col., it's nested in tacos at a spot also puttin' an outrageous culinary spin on guacamole.


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