Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 16 Episodes

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Season 16 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Authentic Eats

Guy Fieri finds real deal authentic eats in unusual spots in St. Louis and Syracuse.


Episode 2 - Fully Focused

Guy Fieri visits restaurants with a definite direction in Syracuse, N.Y., and Nags Head, N.C.


Episode 3 - Far Out

Guy Fieri goes to Syracuse, N.Y.; Hoboken, N.J.; and Duck, N.C. to hone in on spots doing food differently.


Episode 4 - Matches Made in Heaven

In Brooklyn, Guy Fieri finds a barbecue joint is mashin' up a variety of styles for their unique wings and their big time beef ribs. And in NC, a husband and wife tag-team in the kitchen to deliver soft shell crab quesadilla.


Episode 5 - Savory Sensations

In Brooklyn, N.Y., Guy Fieri finds a mom and pop diner that flips a skillet apple waffle with pancetta. And in Grandy, N.C., a farm to table German joint rolls out ruebens.


Episode 6 - Hometown Haunts

In Chatham, Guy Fieri finds a real deal Italian joint making fried chicken, arancini balls and a sacred swine sandwich. In Olympia, he finds a homestyle spot serving creole oyster benedict and a winter squash & apple hash.


Episode 7 - Land to Sea

In Kitty Hawk, Guy Fieri's sampling a fisherman's risotto and citrus chicken at a seaside restaurant. In Olympia, a brewpub combines beer with bangers & mash and crab stuffed cannelloni.


Episode 8 - Decadent Dishes

In Brooklyn, Guy Fieri uncovers a southern-inspired spot crankin' out fried chicken and waffles, a spicy pulled pork sandwich and a daily donut. In Puyallup, Wash., a local joint serves up homemade meatballs.


Episode 9 - Eurocentric

In Tacoma, Guy Fieri finds an Eastern European joint heating up a hearty hangover soup and meat dish. In Toronto, Canada, he discovers a meatball-only spot servin' up their unique versions of spaghetti and meatballs.


Episode 10 - Hittin' the Grill

Guy Fieri's sampling foods straight off the grill. In Los Angeles, a burger joint spices things up with a hot pork sandwich and a Mediterranean lamb burger. In Tacoma, a pub menu includes killer kabobs and homegrown beet salads.


Episode 11 - Unlikely Partners

Guy Fieri's checkin' out some unique combos in Los Angeles's Korea Town. A craft beer joint puts duck in the French dip. In Toronto, the restored diner servin' up stuffed French toast, cornflake chicken club and a pie milkshake.


Episode 12 - Layers of Flavor

Guy Fieri's layerin' up the flavor. In Toronto, a restored diner cooks up pork belly, a mac and cheese burger and a Christmas burger. In Nags Head, NC, a surfer spot is known for Jamaican jerk chicken and Caribbean pork chops.


Episode 13 - Real Deal Roots

Guy Fieri's digging into dishes with a personal connection. In Toronto, a Jewish deli smokes meats and knishes the old school way. In Los Angeles, a food truck infuses Singaporean flavors into chili crab cake and lamb burger.


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