Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 18 Episodes

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Season 18 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Neighborhood Knockouts

Guy Fieri searches up and down the West Coast for funky neighborhood joints. In San Diego, a breakfast joint serves up creme brulee French toast. In Portland, a couple offers Americana like corned beef hash.


Episode 2 - Meat Lover's Paradise

Guy Fieri's signs up for a meat-crazed master class. In Portland, the craft-cooking family joint with a chef who butchers, cures, preserves and smokes everything in-house, from headcheese to great-grandma's fried chicken recipe.


Episode 3 - Servin' Up San Francisco

Guy Fieri's cruisin' the San Francisco coast for a diverse culinary road trip. He swings by the repurposed garage in the Mission District for southern hospitality served up in braised beef short ribs and spicy shrimp and gravy.


Episode 4 - Cannoli, Fritters and Wings

In Portland, OR, Guy Fieri's checks out a Guamanian food truck serving righteous shrimp fritters and chicken salad. In Wheat Ridge, CO, a family-run comfort food joint's crankin' out killer cannoli and kraut burgers.


Episode 5 - Aces of Authenticity

In Santa Fe, N.M., the farm-raised Chimayan owner turnin' out traditional dishes like enchiladas with red chile sauce and chile. In Portland, Ore., the noodle house cranking out mom's recipes for all kinds of authentic Chinese.


Episode 6 - Sammies and Stew

In Santa Fe, N.M., the cafe with a native Kenyan in the kitchen serving up totally fresh fish. And in Albuquerque, N.M., the school lunch maven crankin' out creative sammies like turkey avocado with green apple chile chutney.


Episode 7 - All Kinds of Gobble Gobble

A father/son bakery crafting a totally unique take on the Thanksgiving bird. In Santa Fe, N.M., the off-the-beaten-path deli turning out traditional turkey, wild rice soup and pumpkin pie.


Episode 8 - Comfort and Soul

This trip, Guy's hittin' up some joints that'll warm the palate and the soul.


Episode 9 - Pork, Pasta and Barbecue

This trip, Guy's checking out some tried and true local faves.


Episode 10 - South of the Border

This trip, Guy's headed south of the border to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. On the town's main drag, the taco joint that's turning out totally fresh octopus tacos and Guadalajaran-inspired sauces that'll knock your socks off.


Episode 11 - Tennessee Holiday Traditions

This trip, Guy's digging into the unique holiday traditions in Tennessee. In Hendersonville, the barbecue joint with a storied past serving up the traditional shoulder pull and a holiday ham with a fiery finish.


Episode 12 - Family Time

In Nashville, a husband/wife duo is taking to the streets in their gourmet food truck. And in Kansas City, Mo., the sibling-owned Chinese joint is sharing some family traditions.


Episode 13 - Soup, Salad and Seafood

This trip, Guy's diving into all kinds of classic comfort foods. In Kansas City, Mo., the real deal chef serving up his dressed-up version of comfort food with dishes like chicken pot pie and steamed mussels.


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