Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 21 Episodes

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Season 21 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Roadtrippin' in Beantown

Guy Fieri's parking the Camaro in Beantown for an all-Boston smorgasbord. Just outside the city in Allston, two restaurants share one kitchen cooking up totally different menus - Mexican street food and gastropub standouts.


Episode 2 - Seriously Saucy

Guy's toppin' off some righteous dishes with all kinds of sauce. In Cincinnati, a funky cafe puts their creative spin on BBQ chicken and vegan chili. In Boston, the neighborhood spot's spicing up with some killer specialty sauces.


Episode 3 - Cross-Country Classics

Guy Fieri's roadtrippin' all over the country for home-style cooking. In Boston, a funky neighborhood joint's cranking out Southern staples. And in Superior, WI, a sports bar's scoring with classics.


Episode 4 - Worldwide Flavorfest

Guy Fieri's getting a taste of global flavor. In Cincinnati, a Jamaican joint's firing up their trademark jerk chicken and spicy snapper. And in Duluth, a flavorful border dweller's dishin' out a taste of Thailand.


Episode 5 - Small Town Standouts

Guy Fieri's hitting up some small towns with big flavor. In Parkland, WI, a roadside bar serves sandwiches stuffed with bomb brisket and crispy pork belly. In Jackson, WY, an organic spot is dishin' out ethnic-inspired eats.


Episode 6 - One Street Wonders

Guy Fieri's headed to Cincinnati to three righteous restaurants all on one street. First, a funky pub where a husband/wife duo's dishing out all kinds of hot dogs and sammies.


Episode 8 - Meat in the Middle

Guy Fieri grabs dishes stacked and stuffed with off-the-hook goodness. In Baltimore, a cozy pasta bar rolls out righteous ravioli. In Eugene, Ore., a sandwich food truck creates a meaty, cheesy masterpiece.


Episode 9 - Soup-Centric

Guy Fieri's filling up on some serious soup. In Baltimore, an authentic Irish pub serves up seafood gumbo. In Eugene, Ore., a joint dishes out 80 kinds of soup. And in Cincinnati, a Vietnamese spot cranks out phenomenal pho.


Episode 10 - All Baltimore, All the Time

Guy Fieri's hitting the pavement for a tasty tour of Baltimore. First, just off Dundalk Ave, a local legend cranks out crab plates. Then in Hamilton, a farm-to-table spot cooks up bacon-wrapped meatloaf.


Episode 11 - Chicken Chowfest

In Baltimore, Guy Fieri checks out the local landmark that dishes out wicked wings. In Eugene, Ore., a soul food joint smokes a bomb barbecue bird. And in Des Moines, a Southern spot serves up legit fried chicken.


Episode 12 - Fresh Fish and Funky Chicken

In Des Moines, Guy Fieri experiences all kinds of unique wings at a trophy-winning barbecue joint and authentic chicken with rice at an Ecuadorian spot. And in Eugene, OR, a seafood market serves up fresh caught Dungeness crab.


Episode 13 - Oldies But Goodies

Guy Fieri's hitting up some legit local landmarks. In Des Moines, he visits a historic drive-in with a century-old chili recipe. In New Jersey, He visits a scenic seaside joint and an old-school butcher shop.


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