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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 24 Episodes

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Season 24 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - All Kinds of Meat

Meat's the theme of this week's trip, and Guy finds a few spots to call paradise. In Colorado Springs, he has a killer Jamaican curry goat and jammin' jerk chicken. In Baltimore, he goes to a funky beer bar with wild boar sliders.


Episode 2 - Family Legacies

On this trip, Guy's getting down-home eats. In Pleasantville, NJ, he chows down on chicken and waffles, while in Baltimore, he gets coconut cream French toast and crab cake po' boys. Lastly, in Colorado, a "sloppy pig" sandwich.


Episode 3 - Between the Bread

If it's piled high, then Guy's looking for it this trip. In Colorado Springs, a funky joint serves their local Pueblo chili burger as a hangover cure, while in DC, a family-run sandwich shop serves up a killer corned beef hoagie.


Episode 4 - Smoke and Seafood

This trip, Guy's digging into a food truck that dishes out killer pulled pork in Baltimore, a seaside shack with shrimp fritters and Guy's own fresh catch in Islamorada, FL and a restaurant smokin' up fish dip in Key Largo.


Episode 5 - International Appeal

This trip, Guy's checkin' out a real-deal Italian joint cookin' up veal in Key Largo, FL, a food truck dishin' out Southeast Asian noodle soup in Stockton, CA, and a local legend servin' up Puerto Rican favorites in San Francisco.


Episode 6 - Tacos, Turtles and Tri-Tip

From California to Florida, Guy is crossing the country to eat an eclectic mix of dishes from a real-deal Mexican joint, a local landmark and a New Orleans-inspired spot.


Episode 7 - Succulent Sandwiches

Guy Fieri takes a bite out of succulent sandwiches when he travels through California and Florida and visits a real-deal butchery, a funky food truck and a seafood staple.


Episode 8 - Hot Meat and Cool Veg

Guy is firing up meaty meals and veggie specialties when he visits a funky spot and a vegan joint in California, then heads to a carnivore's paradise in Florida.


Episode 9 - South Beach Sizzle

Guy's hitting culinary hot spots in South Beach, FL, like a real-deal taqueria, an authentic German joint and a poolside oasis.


Episode 10 - Smoked, Grilled and Fried

Guy's digging in to all kinds of meat: out of the smoker, on the grill, and into the fryer when he visits Miami, FL, and Modesto and Stockton, CA.


Episode 11 - Cruisin' in Cuba

Guy Fieri goes on an international journey cruising the food scene in Cuba, including a Soviet spot serving authentic Russian fare and an outdoor 'paladar' grilling up lamb-stuffed plantains.


Episode 12 - Havana Hot Spots

Guy Fieri's hitting up the hot spots in Havana, Cuba, including a neighborhood joint cooking house-cured lamb, a house-turned-restaurant dishing out savory goat stew and a cigar-lovers' haven serving pork with plantains.


Episode 13 - Great Gear

Guy Fieri is grabbing grub cooked with some great gear, including a place firin' up lamb in indoor smokers, an Italian deli making ravioli on a century-old machine and a pizza oven in Hawaii creating island twists on meaty pies.


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