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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 25 Episodes

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Season 25 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Soakin' Up Maui

Guy cruises Maui with his buddy chef Reno Henriques for real-deal regional favorites, fresh food truck fare and St. Louis-style barbecue.


Episode 2 - Asia, Africa and India

Guy hits up three American cities for big international flavors. He visits a funky fast Filipino joint in LA, samples Ethiopian cuisine in San Francisco and bites into lights-out Indian classics in Minneapolis.


Episode 3 - Creole, Cold Cuts and Crepes

Guy visits a multi-generational joint bringing NOLA to LA, a unique Minneapolis deli serving up meatless meats and a Hawaiian noodle spot dishing out righteous ramen and Vietnamese crepes.


Episode 4 - Chew and Brew

From wild boar gnocchi in Los Angeles to a lamb belly BLT in Miami, Guy's grabbin' some grub cooked up in pubs across the US.


Episode 5 - Global Greats

Guy crisscrosses the country to get a taste of international flavors. In Miami, a funky Haitian joint cooks up island favorites like griot, and in Los Angeles, an Italian spot serves up their legendary spins on pizza and lasagna.


Episode 6 - Sausage, Seafood and Shawarma

Guy hits up Minneapolis for a family pizza-making tradition, Miami for Haitian classics and Portsmouth, NH, for global-inspired street food.


Episode 7 - Cosmopolitan Comfort

This trip, Guy's grabbing all kinds of cosmopolitan comfort food. He samples corned beef and cabbage in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, authentic Ethiopian specialties in Los Angeles and over-the-top hot dogs in Minneapolis.


Episode 8 - Burgers, Buns and Bagels

This trip, Guy's picking up everything from burgers to buns to bagels. In Portsmouth, NH, a deli serves up lamb burgers and righteous ribs. In Los Angeles, a Koreatown favorite loads up Asian buns and a unique bacon-corn bar dish.


Episode 9 - Big Food, Small Towns

Guy stops in small towns to dig in to big-time eats. In Raymond, NH, a butchery cranks out scratch-made corn dogs. In Rocky Hill, NJ, a 1700s inn turned gastropub dishes out a tomato twist on burgers and a spin on disco fries.


Episode 10 - From Port to Port

This trip, Guy's going coast-to-coast discovering righteous flavors in Oregon and New Hampshire. Check out an octopus dish and classic biscuits and gravy in Portland, OR, then head to Portsmouth, NH, for pork belly tacos.


Episode 11 - Turkey-giving

Guy's getting ready for Turkey Day! In Princeton, NJ, Rev Run jumps in for crepes, a New Hampshire cafe cooks up terrific turkey meatloaf and Guy finds the spirit of the season in Louisville, KY, at a "pay-what-you-can" joint.


Episode 12 - Brunch, Bologna and Burgers

On this trip, Guy Fieri is checking out fried bologna and veggie burgers in Louisville, KY, and brunch staples at a diner-restaurant mashup in Portland, OR.


Episode 13 - Carnivore Creations

Guy Fieri is checking out some of the greatest carnivorous creations on the road, including a bomb butchery in Portland, OR, a righteous barbecue joint in Louisville, KY, and a cafe serving a killer steak sandwich in Hamilton, NJ.


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