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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 26 Episodes

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Season 26 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Belly Up to Barcelona

Guy Fieri crosses the Atlantic to dive into the many different cuisines of Barcelona, Spain. Here he samples Galician-style octopus and soup, traditional sausage and old-school Catalan cooking.


Episode 2 - A Sampling of Spain

Guy Fieri travels to Barcelona, Spain, and digs into everything from top-notch tapas, like prawns and quail, to traditional Catalan specialties like mouthwatering meatballs and even a veal-head stew.


Episode 3 - Mega Mouthfuls

Guy unhinges his jaw for some mega-mouthful meals. In Louisville, KY, a funky seafood spot piles their specialties on top of waffles, and in Portland, OR, a killer barbecue food truck stacks a fully-loaded "shabamwich."


Episode 4 - Swiss, Sandwiches and Sausage

Guy stops in Portland, OR, and Charlotte, NC, to sample grilled cheese sandwiches with a twist, made-from-scratch sausages and specialties straight out of Switzerland.


Episode 5 - Beef, Lamb and Pig

Guy Fieri hunts down all kinds of meaty favorites, starting with an Irish pub's cottage pie in Louisville, KY. Then he grabs Asian-barbecue fusion and burgers with toppings like pimento cheese at two stops in Charlotte, NC.


Episode 6 - Kickin' It in Cancun

Guy heads to Cancun, Mexico, to dig into cuisine at places like an authentic, family-owned spot where Grandma is cooking up rellenos and killer chicharron gorditas. Then, get an inside look at Guy's Playa del Carmen restaurant.


Episode 7 - Not Your Typical Joints

Guy's going off the beaten path to check out funky finds. In Charlotte, NC, an eatery tucked inside a beer store slings crazy waffle creations, and in Houston, TX, a not-your-everyday fusion joint mashes up barbecue with sushi.


Episode 8 - From North to South America

From a bomb bacon jam burger in North Carolina to lights-out street tacos in Mexico, Guy digs into flavors spanning the Americas.


Episode 9 - Goin' International

This trip, Guy Fieri grabs gangster global grub from a Jamaican joint in Houston and a 24-hour burrito hot spot in Cancun, Mexico.


Episode 10 - Wonder Women

This trip, Guy Fieri visits all-female lineups that are rockin' the house in Houston and Orlando, Florida.


Episode 11 - Multicultural Cooking

This trip, Guy Fieri digs into the traditions of many different cultures including a Mexican joint in Houston and a Jewish deli-on-wheels in Orlando, Florida.


Episode 12 - Turkey, Taters and Dogs

Guy digs into a righteous mashup of flavors across the country, including a potato-centric palace dishing out hearty Brazilian specialties and a dynamite deli serving up real-deal latkes and turkey pastrami.


Episode 13 - Chicken Trifecta

Guy hits the road looking for the best chicken dinners and finds a rocker mom's favorite chicken, fried Thai wings and a California hot dog spot with unique chicken and waffles.


Episode 14 - From Spicy to Icy

Guy heats up with spice and cools off with ice starting with hot dishes in California and Virginia before chilling with a Hawaiian tropical shaved ice.


Episode 15 - Island and Desert

Guy Fieri hunts down desert treasure and island flavor, starting with a breakfast-lunch cafe in Palm Desert, CA. Then he heads to a funky gluten-free spot in Maui, HI, and a crazy Caribbean joint in Virginia Beach, VA.


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