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Episode 2 - Neighborhood Joints

Guy Fieri searches out some neighborhood favs including the St. Louis tavern cranking out authentic international dishes like home made German spaetzle; the Virginia cafe where calzones are a taste of New York; barbecue at what looks like a New Jersey diner, in Arizona; and the Philadelphia area diner that's so local the regulars have their own coffee cups to help wash down the scrapple.


Episode 3 - Big Breakfast

Guy Fieri searches out some of America's greatest breakfasts: The New Jersey Diner where they're scratch-making more than thirty kinds of pancakes; the Kansas City joint with outrageous homemade hash -- and more than sixty different omelets; and the tiny spot in Phoenix where the owner's committed to the perfect homemade breakfast -- from scratch-made waffles, to pesto pork chops with eggs, and everything's cooked in butter.


Episode 4 - Regional Favorites

Guy Fieri hits the road to from east coast to southwest to track down great joints dishing up regional specialties: Classic Southern cooking at a landmark diner in Virginia; the horseshoe sandwich, piled high with eggs, meat, gravy and potatoes at a steel Quonset hut in Springfield, Ill.; and red and green chili, the signature dishes of New Mexico, done every which way at a joint in Santa Fe.


Episode 5 - A World of Flavors

Guy Fieri tracks down great tastes from all over the world including a Phoenix mom-and-pop joint with a mix of Mexican, Chinese and Caribbean food; a classic diner outside Atlanta with a menu full of homemade Greek specialties; and a tiny Kansas City, Mo., place with the globe-trotting chef who brings back recipes from Asia to Central America.


Episode 6 - Something Different

Guy Fieri rolls out to find some places doing great food their own unique way: The West Virginia joint built into a couple of old busses, where they're serving one pound deep fried hot dogs, and three pound burgers; the Florida bar that's doing classic French escargot and fresh dolphin sandwiches; and in Virginia, what looks like just another cafe, but with a classically trained chef who's making it all from scratch, from chicken with feta, white wine and artichokes, to homemade pesto.


Episode 7 - American Classics

Guy Fieri searches out some classic joints cranking out classic food: A 60-year-old Pennsylvania Diner transplanted to Miami's South Beach, with a classic diner menu, and some other specialties you wouldn't expect to find here, where he's joined by TV host Rosie O'Donnell. Then, in Topeka, Kan., a drive-in straight out of the fifties, where the burgers and fries still come to your car, but they're also making apple pie from scratch. And the oldest restaurant in Memphis, a classic southern tea room from 1918 -- with a classic southern menu, and an international twist.


Episode 8 - Real Deal Fast Food

Guy Fieri tracks down some great places that prove fast food can also be great food. In Fairhope, Ala., a where a trained chef is doing fast food the old European way -- pressed panini sandwiches, filled with everything homemade, even the mozzarella; in Austin, Texas, homemade tacos done every which way -- from breakfast, to carne asada, al pastor, fish tacos, and more -- and even the salsa is made from scratch; and in Gilbert, Ariz., a fast food joint right on the farm, where they're growing much of the menu out back, and the burgers and pizzas are made and topped with the freshest ingredients.


Episode 9 - The Memphis Barbecue Tour

Guy Fieri rolls through Memphis, one of America's greatest barbecue towns, checking out an 86-year-old legend with the killer pulled pork sandwich and a true local favorite, barbecue spaghetti; a tiny joint where the specialty is barbecued Cornish hen; serious ribs at a joint with its own fleet of pink Cadillacs.


Episode 10 - Comfort Food

Guy Fieri uncovers some of America's greatest comfort food: At the Baltimore cafe with all kinds of French toast, from Tequila Sunrise (made with real tequila) to Cap'n Crunch (encrusted in breakfast cereal); the third-generation family place in San Antonio where they're doing comfort food Texas style -- from enchiladas to chicken fried steak; A 60-year-old bakery-turned-restaurant in south Florida, where even the pancakes are made from scratch; and the Huntington, W.V., cafe with the real deal homemade cornbread.


Episode 11 - Where the Locals Go

Guy Fieri finds local favorites from the east to the southwest: The third generation cafeteria outside Atlanta that's still serving southern favorites like biscuits, chicken and dumplings and Brunswick Stew; the Louisiana bar with the culinary school grad who's making everything from rabbit with spaetzle to turtle soup; and the Albuquerque, N.M. steakhouse you can enter through their liquor store, where they're also serving great Greek family favorites.


Episode 12 - In the Family

Guy Fieri checks out some great family run joints: In Baltimore, he teams up with a member of the Food Network family, Ace of Cakes' Duff Goldman, for a taste of a local specialty, pit beef, at Duff's favorite, a tiny joint run by a husband and wife team; in Miami, Guy finds a small place where a family's cooking up the favorites they grew up with in Puerto Rico; and near Salt Lake City, a classic drive in burger joint that's been in the same family for more than fifty years.


Episode 13 - All Kinds of Barbecue

Guy Fieri takes a southern swing to check out different styles of real deal barbecue: In Mississippi, a barbecue dive where the locals like it sweet, ribs and all the classics with a sweet sauce and a Mississippi-style dry rub brimming with sugar; in New Orleans, a little place doing North Carolina style pulled pork and a tangy, vinegar based sauce; and outside San Antonio, a sprawling barbecue complex people are driving out of their way to get to -- some are even flying in by helicopter -- for Texas classic brisket with a pepper-heavy rub.


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