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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 31 Episodes

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Season 31 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Triple D Nation: Beef, Barbecue and Bar Food

Guy Fieri's trip is all about the three B's: beef, barbecue and bar food. He stops at one of the first DDD barbecue joints, revisits Bolivian food in Las Vegas and finds a punk rock bar flippin' the script on bar food.


Episode 2 - Belly, Beef and Bratwurst

In Atlanta, Guy Fieri visits a funky Asian spot putting out primetime pork belly and wok-fried chicken. In Vancouver, an elevated diner dishes out duck pancakes and a Washington brewpub pairs pints with housemade sausages.


Episode 3 - Coming Together in Cali

For this trip, Guy Fieri zeroes in on Chico, California, celebrating the town's food scene as residents and restaurant owners recover from ravaging fires that rocked the area.


Episode 4 - Triple D Nation: Pancakes, Potatoes and Pizza

Guy Fieri crosses the border to Vancouver, British Columbia, to check in on an elevated eatery serving everything from confit duck to pancakes. He also visits a barbecue joint in Austin, TX, and a pizza parlor in Minneapolis.


Episode 5 - Burger and Breakfast

Guy Fieri's going from breakfast to burgers, stopping at a morning hot spot in CA pumping up French toast and a made-from-scratch joint in WA making gangster gravlax and a burger topped with a twist.


Episode 6 - Not Your Everyday Eats

Guy Fieri hits the road for out-of-the-ordinary eats, like a fried chicken bao in Chico, CA, lamb and pork belly in Vancouver and a WA bakery-gone-savory firin' up duck banh mi and sweet potato lasagna.


Episode 7 - Triple D Nation: Chili Three Ways

Guy Fieri heads south to Atlanta, where a couple of Texan twins are makin' out-of-bounds brisket chili, and a sibling-run taqueria in Phoenix is churning out Mom's famous green chili and taking over the town.


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