Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Diners You Sent Me To

Guy Fieri heads for three great diners that viewers e-mailed to recommend.


Episode 2 - Bar Food

Guy Fieri rolls out to find some watering holes doing a lot more than basic bar food.


Episode 3 - Burgers and Dogs

Guy visits classic joints doing burgers and dogs, including a Baltimore spot for Coney dogs from an 80-year-old recipe and a Minneapolis dive where one of the specialties is called the Hairy Brain.


Episode 4 - Where the Locals Eat

Guy discovers local favorites: a Memphis joint where whole chickens are deep fried; in Virginia, near the Chesapeake, a place where a former boat captain serves classic crab cakes and in Omaha, a casual joint with serious food.


Episode 5 - Brain Freeze

Guy Fieri rolls out for ice cream, Triple D-style, stopping at an Arizona creamery making Italian gelato. He also hits a New Orleans favorite making huge sundaes and homemade ice cream in more than 400 flavors.


Episode 6 - Totally Unexpected

Guy Fieri discovers great food at places you'd never expect to find it, like the Minneapolis bowling alley serving up bison hash and trout-and-beet salad.


Episode 7 - A Taste of Everywhere

Guy Fieri tracks down classic places serving up international dishes done Triple-D style.


Episode 8 - Big Flavor

Guy hunts down some seriously good food from all over the country.


Episode 9 - Cookin' it Old School

Guy Fieri uncovers three joints that put a piece of history on the table.


Episode 10 - Grabbin' A Sandwich

Guy Fieri tries sandwiches: In Salt Lake City, an old pottery school makes homemade meatball subs and a cheesesteak done Philly-style; in San Diego, 30 kinds of burgers including alligator; and in Chicago, a Mexican sandwich.


Episode 11 - Traditional Dishes

Guy Fieri rolls in for classic meals done right.


Episode 12 - Doin' Their Own Thing

Guy uncovers joints doin' things their own unique way, from a retro joint making Mexican specialties in Salt Lake City to a Chicago diner serving fresh seafood sixteen different ways.


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