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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - What's for Breakfast?

Guy Fieri checks out breakfast from east to southwest: In New Orleans, a juice bar making bagels from scratch, and homemade lox; a New Mexico roadhouse mixing Philly food with Southwestern favorites, where he's joined by actor Gene Hackman; and in Pittsburgh, a family joint scratch making pancakes with everything from peanut butter to pumpkin.


Episode 2 - Real Deal Italian

Guy Fieri checks out classic Italian joints including a Baltimore deli making lasagna from scratch, in San Diego, a pizza joint where the dough's handmade and in Pittsburgh, a spaghetti house that's been cooking up classic family recipes for 60 years.


Episode 3 - Not What You'd Expect

Guy Fieri discovers outrageous food at some unlikely joints: In Austin, Texas, a diner putting gingerbread in their pancakes and stuffing peppers with jambalaya; in Minneapolis, a little neighborhood place serving homemade Szechuan sauce on chicken wings; and in Albuquerque, N.M., a little shack making duck enchiladas and their own dried cherry butter.


Episode 4 - Places You Sent Me

Guy Fieri hits the joints you told us to check out: In Salt Lake City, a 79-year-old diner serving their famous Mile High biscuits and gravy; in New Orleans, a neighborhood dive putting out their own version of a roast beef po' boy; and in Middletown, Conn., a historic diner serving unexpected favorites that was rebuilt after a fire when patrons raised the money to keep a beloved local legend alive.


Episode 5 - Long Time Legends

Guy Fieri checks out places locals have been loving for decades: In San Francisco, a classic joint that's made fresh-carved hot meat sandwiches for more than 60 years; in Omaha, an 80-year-old tavern turned fish market and in Pittsburgh, a family place making Italian American favorites for more than 40 years.


Episode 6 - Something from Everywhere

Guy Fieri discovers real deal dishes born elsewhere: In Norwalk, Conn., a small place making authentic Venezuelan fast food; in Minneapolis, a Lebanese restaurant serving all of Mom's favorites -- and lamb tongue; And in Chicago, a pizza joint famous for its thin crust pies, in the town that's famous for deep dish.


Episode 7 - Neighborhood Favorites

Guy Fieri uncovers some places the regulars keep piling into: In Santa Fe, N.M., a little cafe serving El Salvadoran specialties; in Salt Lake City, a barbeque joint where folks line up before the place is even open for the house special, burnt ends; and on the Mississippi coast, a joint up on stilts where they're doing Creole favorites and stuffing flounder with crab.


Episode 8 - Just Like Yesterday

Guy Fieri rolls back the clock at some joints that feel like they've been there forever; In San Diego, an overgrown coffee shop serving classics like chicken and dumplings for 60 years; a bar-turned-restaurant in Chicago's Little Italy, where the same family's been cranking out their favorites for three generations; and in Atlanta, a diner legendary for southern breakfasts for more than 50 years.


Episode 9 - Return to Route 66

Guy Fieri takes an eastward tour of Route 66: In Flagstaff, Ariz., a family style restaurant serving scratch made southwest favorites; in Albuquerque, N.M., an old gas station turned diner making classics their own way, like chicken-fried ahi tuna; and in Chicago, a joint that's been serving fried chicken on Route 66 since the 30's.


Episode 10 - BBQ and More

Guy Fieri heads all over the country for barbeque: In Austin, Texas, green mesquite smoked classics, and they're even doing chicken wings; in Northern California, a railroad car turned barbeque shack making Philly Cheese Steaks with their brisket; and in Connecticut, a regional celebration of barbeque, from Texas brisket, to Memphis ribs and North Carolina sauce.


Episode 11 - Regional Classics

Guy Fieri drives in for a taste of what the locals love: In New Orleans, a family restaurant serving specials named after neighborhood streets; In Pittsburgh, a strip mall joint making Polish Haluski and Italian Polenta they call fried mush; And in Albuquerque, N.M., a local dive serving authentic New Mexican cooking, from sopaipilla with shredded pork to burritos with chicharrones.


Episode 12 - Family Favorites

Guy Fieri takes a seat at the family table; In Glendale, Ariz., a German restaurant making sauerbraten from scratch; in Northern California, an old saloon serving lamb shanks and minestrone that's a meal; and in Fort Worth, Texas, a Texas institution dishing up all the classics from pot roast, to giblet gravy and beef tips.


Episode 13 - All Kinds of Fast Food

Guy Fieri tracks down fast food done right: In New Mexico, the fifty-four-year-old drive-in that's legendary for Green Chile Cheeseburgers; In Omaha, the taqueria where they're deep frying tacos -- from homemade tortillas; and in Connecticut, the hot dog joint that started as a truck, where a trained chef is turning out all kinds of scratch made combo dogs.


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