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How It's Made Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Very First Episode

Discover how aluminum foil and bread are mass-produced. Also, follow the production process of snowboards and see how contact lenses are made.


Episode 2 - Compact Discs, Mozzarella Cheese, Pantyhose, and Fluorescent Tubes

Explore how compact discs and florescent light bulbs are manufactured. Also, discover how mozzarella cheese is mass-produced and how pantyhose is made.


Episode 3 - Toothpicks, Acrylic Bathtubs, Helicopters and Beer

Follow the production process of toothpicks and acrylic bathtubs. Also, explore how helicopters are built and how beer is brewed and mass-produced.


Episode 4 - Hearing Aids, 3D Puzzles, Rubber Mats, and Toilets

Everyday objects often have fascinating beginnings. Discover how hearing aids and 3D puzzles are manufactured. Also, follow the production process of rubber mats and toilets.


Episode 5 - Paper, Jeans, Computers, and Plate Glass

Explore how copy paper is mass-produced and how jeans are made. Also, discover how computers and plate glass are constructed.


Episode 6 - Nails & Staples, Safety Glasses, Fabrics, and Bicycles

Follow the production process of nails and staples. Also, discover how safety glasses and fabrics are made, and how bicycles are constructed.


Episode 7 - Kayaks, Safety Boots, Electronic Signs, and Breakfast Cereals

Explore how kayaks and safety boots are constructed. Also, see how electronic signs are built and how breakfast cereals are mass-produced.


Episode 8 - Trucks, Adhesive Bandages, Computer Circuit Boards, and Liquors

Follow the production process of trucks and adhesive bandages. Also, discover how computer circuit boards are manufactured and how liquors are distilled.


Episode 9 - Steel, Apple Juice, Aircraft Landing Gear, and Cosmetics

Discover how steel and aircraft landing gear are manufactured. Also, explore how apple juice is mass-produced and how cosmetics are made.


Episode 10 - Holograms, Package Printing, Skin Cultures, and Canned Corn

Discover how holograms are made and how package printing is produced. Also, explore how skin cultures are grown and how canned corn is mass-produced.


Episode 11 - Plastic Bags, Solar Panels, Plastic Gasoline Containers, and Hockey Sticks

Explore the production of plastic bags and solar panels. Also, see how plastic gas containers and hockey sticks are manufactured.


Episode 12 - Aluminum Screw Caps, Chocolate, Pills and Pasta

Discover how aluminum screw caps are manufactured. Also, explore how chocolates, pills and pasta are mass-produced.


Episode 13 - Bicycle Helmets, Lithium Batteries, Car Brakes, and Aluminum

Discover how bicycle helmets are made and how aluminum is produced. Also, explore how car brakes are manufactured and how lithium batteries are constructed.


Episode 14 - Eyeglass Lenses, Granite, Salty Chips and Microprocessors

Follow the production process of eyeglass lenses and see how granite is produced. Also, discover how computer microprocessors are manufactured and how potato chips are mass-produced.


Episode 15 - Honey, Fiber Optics, Bricks and Pipe Organs

Discover how bees make honey and what humans do with honeycombs. Also, explore how fiber optics are constructed, how bricks are formed and how pipe organs are made.


Episode 16 - Personal Watercrafts, Ice Skates, Wine, and Office Furniture

Discover the processes involved in the manufacturing of personal watercraft, and explore how ice skates, wine and office furniture are made.


Episode 17 - Winter Jackets, Animation, Mushrooms and Gold

Discover how winter jackets are constructed and how animation is created from initial drawings. Also, explore how mushrooms are grown and how gold rings are formed.


Episode 18 - Hydroponic Lettuce, Construction Wood and Fishing Flies

Discover how hydroponic lettuce is grown and the process behind recycling. Also, explore how construction wood and fishing flies are made.


Episode 19 - Wooden Doors, Paintballs, Newspapers and Diamonds

Discover how wooden doors and paintballs are produced. Also, explore how newspapers are printed and diamonds are cut.


Episode 20 - Carpet, Drinking Water, Laser Eye Surgery and Acoustic Guitars

Discover how carpet is fabricated and how drinking water is purified. Also, see how laser eye surgery is performed and how acoustic guitars are made.


Episode 21 - Fiberglass Boats, Clothes Dryers, Bubble Gum and Fireworks

Explore the production of fiberglass boats and clothes dryers, and see how bubble gum and fireworks are made.


Episode 22 - Steel Safes, False Teeth, Airplanes and Maple Syrup

Follow the manufacturing process from start to finish of steel safes and airplanes. Also, see how false teeth are made and how maple syrup is processed.


Episode 23 - Gummie Candy, Fish Farming, Aluminum Cans and Bronze Sculptures

Explore the manufacturing process of gummy candy and aluminum cans. Also, discover how fish are farmed and how bronze sculptures are erected.


Episode 24 - Aluminum Pots & Pans, Artificial Limbs, Peanut Butter, and Light Bulbs

Discover how aluminum pots and pans are produced and how artificial limbs are constructed. Also, explore the production of high-intensity light bulbs and see how peanut butter is made.


Episode 25 - Coins, Cars and Grocery Carts

Discover the processes involved in the manufacturing of cars and grocery carts, and see how collectible coins are made.


Episode 26 - Ball Bearings, Electrical Wires, Wax Casting and Automated Machines

Discover how ball bearings and electrical wires are made, and explore the process behind lost-wax casting and how automated machines are assembled.


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