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How It's Made Season 19 Episodes

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Season 19 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Time-Delay Locks, Brownies, Pallet Dispensers, and Crystal Chandeliers

Explore the construction behind time-delay locks and see how crystal chandeliers are crafted. Also, see how brownies are mass-produced and how pallet dispensers are made.


Episode 2 - Bead Wire, Mini Pepperoni, Irrigation Sprinklers, and Leather Gloves

Discover how bead wire and leather gloves are manufactured. Also, see how mini pepperoni is produced and explore the construction behind irrigation sprinklers.


Episode 3 - Mouth-Blown Window Glass, Water Pumps, Sake, and Tweezers

Discover the craftsmanship behind mouth-blown window glass and see how sake is produced. Also, explore how water pumps and tweezers are manufactured.


Episode 4 - Statue Restoration, Tripods, Polish Sausages, and Welding Guns

Explore the process of statue restoration and see how polish sausages are produced. Also, see how tripods and welding guns are manufactured.


Episode 5 - Champagne, ATMs, and Marine Turbochargers

Discover how champagne is distilled and produced, and explore the manufacturing process of ATMs and marine turbochargers.


Episode 6 - Sharpening Steels, Bladder Pumps, Ironing Boards, and Kayak Paddles

Discover how sharpening steels and kayak paddles are manufactured. Also, explore the production of bladder pumps and ironing boards.


Episode 7 - Champagne Hoods, Pneumatic Delivery, Espresso Machines, and Pizza Ovens

Discover how champagne hoods and foils are produced and explore the construction behind pneumatic delivery systems, espresso machines and pizza ovens.


Episode 8 - Stile & Rail Doors, Steam Cleaners, Hand-Held Pizzas, and Power Brushes

Explore the production behind stile and rail doors. Also, discover how hand-held, frozen pizzas are produced and see how power brushes and steam cleaners are manufactured.


Episode 9 - Industrial Casters, Wedding Cakes, THz Spectrometers, and Racing Catamarans

Discover how industrial casters are manufactured and see how custom wedding cakes are made. Also, explore the construction behind terahertz spectrometers and racing catamarans.


Episode 10 - Ceramic Grills, Pneumatic Punchers, Water Jet Fountains, Wooden Surfboards

Discover how ceramic grills and pneumatic punching machines are constructed. Also, explore how water jet fountains are made and see how wooden surfboards are crafted.


Episode 11 - Vibrating Mining Screens, Whoopie Pies, Utility Poles, and Roller Conveyors

Explore the construction behind vibrating mining screens and roller conveyors. Also, see how whoopie pies and wood utility poles are made.


Episode 12 - Exercise Bikes, Cornish Pastries, Pasta Makers, and Slate Products

Discover how exercise bikes and pasta makers are constructed. Also, see how Cornish pasties and slate products are made.


Episode 13 - Channel Signs, Wetsuits, and Aluminum Aircraft

Discover how channel signs are created and see how wetsuits are manufactured. Also, explore the construction behind aluminum aircraft.


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