How It's Made Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S09:E01 - Road Salt and Car Doors

Discover how road salt, nutcrackers and car doors are manufactured.


Episode 2 - S09:E02 - Razors and Pudding



Episode 3 - S09:E03 - Cookware and Insulation

Discover how cast iron cookware and stone wool insulation are manufactured.


Episode 4 - S09:E04 - Moldings and Clothespins

Explore the secrets behind locomotives and clothespins.


Episode 5 - S09:E05 - Fish Food and Motor Homes

Discover how filigree glass, fish food and motor homes are manufactured.


Episode 6 - S09:E06 - Ketchup and Walking Sticks

Explore the secrets behind ketchup and walking sticks.


Episode 7 - S09:E07 - Vacuums and Paper Mache

Discover how kitchen accessories, vacuums and paper mache are manufactured.


Episode 8 - S09:E08 - Liquor Jugs and Deli Meats

Explore the secrets behind clay liquor jugs and poultry deli meats.


Episode 9 - S09:E09 - Nail Clippers and Canola Oil

Discover how nail clippers and canola oil are manufactured.


Episode 10 - S09:E10 - Hummus and Sombreros

Explore the secrets behind dial thermometers, hummus and straw sombreros.


Episode 11 - S09:E11 - Tequila and Silver

Discover how tequila, waterbeds, flip flops and silver are manufactured.


Episode 12 - S09:E12 - Salsa and Dragsters

Explore the secrets behind salsa, light bars and dragsters.


Episode 13 - S09:E13 - Audio Tubes and Snare Drums

Discover how audio vacuum tubes and metal snare drums are manufactured.


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