How It's Made Season 13 Episodes

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Season 13 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S13:E01 - Healing Drums and Raisins

Discover how Native American healing drums and raisins are produced.


Episode 2 - S13:E02 - Horse Bits and Oat Cereal

Discover how horse bits, turquoise jewelry and oat cereal are produced.


Episode 3 - S13:E03 - Stagecoaches and Reflectors

Discover how stagecoaches, road reflectors and clay pottery are made.


Episode 4 - S13:E04 - Replica Clay Pipes

Discover how replica pipes, drinking fountains and compound bows are made.


Episode 5 - S13:E05 - Tissues and Travel Trailers

Explore how facial tissues, house slippers and travel trailers are made.


Episode 6 - S13:E06 - U-Locks and Croissants

Discover how U-locks, rolling luggage and croissants are made.


Episode 7 - S13:E07 - Prams and Bicycle Tires

Discover how prams, factory-built homes and bicycle tires are made.


Episode 8 - S13:E08 - Thinning Shears and Pastries

Discover how thinning shears, wagon wheels and toaster pastries are made.


Episode 9 - S13:E09 - 1000th Product

Discover how cycling shoes, marine plywood and yurts are made.


Episode 10 - S13:E10 - Nail Nippers and Jade Putters

Discover how nail nippers, jade putters and ice cider are made.


Episode 11 - S13:E11 - Paper Fans and Copper

Discover how paper fans, walnut oil and copper are made.


Episode 12 - S13:E12 - Cast Iron Bathtubs

Discover how cast iron bathtubs and memory cards are manufactured.


Episode 13 - S13:E13 - Gut Strings and Absinthe

Discover how gut strings, belt buckles, lever locks and absinthe are made.


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