How It's Made Season 18 Episodes

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Season 18 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S18:E01 - Grammy Awards

Discover how Grammy Awards, bicycle lights and above-ground pools are made.


Episode 2 - S18:E02 - LED Stage Lights

Discover how LED stage lights and chemical tank trailers are constructed.


Episode 3 - S18:E03 - Fishing Line and Tow Trucks

Discover the production behind fishing line and natural baking soda.


Episode 4 - S18:E04 - Storage Sheds

Explore the construction behind storage sheds and industrial fans.


Episode 5 - S18:E05 - Concrete Walls and 3D Printers

Explore how precast concrete walls and telescopic cranes are constructed.


Episode 6 - S18:E06 - Car Headlamps

Discover how car headlamps and directional drills are manufactured.


Episode 7 - S18:E07 - Handcrafted Skis

Explore the craftsmanship behind handcrafted skis.


Episode 8 - S18:E08 - Zip Line Breaks

Discover how zip line brakes, round balers and comfort shoes are made.


Episode 9 - S18:E09 - Armored Vehicles

Explore how armored vehicles, tension fabric buildings and rowers are made.


Episode 10 - S18:E10 - Mountain Bike Suspensions

Discover how mountain bike suspensions and grain dryers are made.


Episode 11 - S18:E11 - Ski Bindings and Parts Washers

Discover how downhill ski bindings and immersion parts washers are made.


Episode 12 - S18:E12 - Gingerbread Houses

Discover the production behind gingerbread house kits and toy figurines.


Episode 13 - S18:E13 - Traffic Signal Poles

Explore how traffic signal poles and chainsaw mining machines are made.


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