How It's Made Season 23 Episodes

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Season 23 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S23:E01 - Basque Pelota Balls

Discover how Basque pelota balls and brass faucets are constructed.


Episode 2 - S23:E02 - Laptops and Saxophones

Explore the manufacturing process behind laptops and saxophones.


Episode 3 - S23:E03 - Spinning Reels

Discover how spinning reels, stainless steel kegs and 3-D cups are made.


Episode 4 - S23:E04 - Steamer Baskets

Discover how steamer baskets and copper cookware are constructed.


Episode 5 - S23:E05 - Mountain Bike Tires

Explore how mountain bike tires and fillet knifes are manufactured.


Episode 6 - S23:E06 - Rice Cookers

Discover how rice cookers, concealment furniture and hedge shears are made.


Episode 7 - S23:E07 - Glass Faucets

Discover how glass faucets and fire truck ladders are constructed.


Episode 8 - S23:E08 - Educational Robots

Discover how educational robots and European radiators are constructed.


Episode 9 - S23:E09 - Cotton and Asian Noodles

Explore how cotton and Asian noodles are processed.


Episode 10 - S23:E10 - Sleeper Rigs and Steel Pulleys

Discover how sleeper rigs and steel pulleys are constructed.


Episode 11 - S23:E11 - Wood Slat Baskets

Discover how wood slat baskets, bells and gyroscopic stabilizers are made.


Episode 12 - S23:E12 - DeLorean Restoration

Discover the process behind DeLorean restoration.


Episode 13 - S23:E13 - Leather Bags

See how leather bags and copper sculptures are handcrafted.


Episode 14 - S23:E14 - Electrophoretic Displays

Discover how electrophoretic displays and air rifles are constructed.


Episode 15 - S23:E15 - Custom Shoe Trees

Discover how custom shoe trees and composite boat propellers are produced.


Episode 16 - S23:E16 - Orthodontic Retainers

Discover how orthodontic retainers and retractable saunas are constructed.


Episode 17 - S23:E17 - Table Tennis Tables

Discover how table tennis tables and plastic model kits are manufactured.


Episode 18 - S23:E18 - Handmade Hammers

Discover how hand-forged hammers and boat trailers are constructed.


Episode 19 - S23:E19 - Guitar Pickups

Explore the construction behind guitar pickups and heated furniture.


Episode 20 - S23:E20 - Innerspring Mattresses

Discover how innerspring mattresses and stand-up paddle boards are made.


Episode 21 - S23:E21 - Belts and 3-D Metal Printers

Discover how belts, 3-D metal printers and model Stirling engines are made.


Episode 22 - S23:E22 - Extension Springs

Explore the construction behind skiffs and extension springs.


Episode 23 - S23:E23 - Fencing Masks

Explore the construction behind fencing masks and ocean drone transformers.


Episode 24 - S23:E24 - Tin Whistles

Explore the construction behind tin whistles and Formula F race cars.


Episode 25 - S23:E25 - Motorcycle Goggles

Discover how motorcycle goggles and pewter shaving sets are produced.


Episode 26 - S23:E26 - Peaked Caps

Discover how peaked caps, fencing foils and custom water heaters are made.


Episode 27 - S23:E27 - Plant Oil Extractors

Discover how plant oil extractors and custom-made chandeliers are produced.


Episode 28 - S23:E28 - Witness Samples

See how witness samples, pressure washers and cast iron cookers are made.


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